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Madden 15 Ultimate Team Tips: Best Budget Players on Offense

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Have you ever been in a Ultimate Team Game and just feel outmatched? Ultimate team,much like life, isn’t always fair. The people who are able to spend more money will have better teams therefore allowing them to win more games. This is a problem for the casual gamer who doesn’t want to drop additional hundreds on a game he already spent $60 on. Those people are the ones who have to work the hardest to win games but there are ways to make it much easier. When people see the new elite card with a fancy picture they automatically assume that card must be very good and often times they are right to assume that. However what they don’t know is that there are cheap gold elite players that may not look as flashy but are just as effective.

In this article and video I break down a cheap player at every offensive position that has hidden stats that make him worth way more than his price. So please enjoy the article and video let me know what you think. I have had budget teams and 90+ overall teams this year and let me tell you there is nothing better than beating a guy who you know spent hundreds to thousands on the game with your low 80s team. With these budget players you will be taking down top rated teams in no time!


Geno Smith 85 Overall 3000 coins

madden15 ultimate_team_Tips_geno_smithGeno may not be elite in real life but this card is nice he is fast and has great throw power and accuracy. His 90 deep throw is elite and better than a lot of elite qbs that will cost you way more. If you like having the scramble option but also value a good accurate deep passer this is your guy.

Comparable to 90 Overall Andrew Luck. 30,000 coins

madden15 ultimate_team_Tips_andrew_luck

Geno has one point less in speed, 3 less in short accuracy but the same throw power and 6 points better in throwing deep. Save yourself 20000 coins and get Geno he plays elite and is very cheap.



Denard Robinson 87 Overall Rising Star 7000-8000 coins

madden15 ultimate_team_Tips_denard_robinson

Rising Star players this year were a building on a budget players dream. These cards got flooded into packs and the high quantity causes the price to become super low. However these players hold much higher value than their price. Denard Robinson is no different, the former Michigan QB Denard got some crazy stats. 95 speed, 97 acceleration , 80 catching, 96 elusiveness. This back is a straight stud not only does he have game breaking speed he has hands like a wide receiver. A total steal for his low price!!

Comparable to- Justin Forsett 90 Overall 30,000 coins

madden15 ultimate_team_Tips_justin_forsett

Me saying comparable too is generous for Forsett,  Denard has him beat in speed, acceleration, elusiveness, and catching. Robinson is a total stud and I promise you will not regret putting him in your lineup.



Mike Wallace 80 Overall 1200 coins

madden15 ultimate_team_Tips_Mike_Wallace

Even when I had hundreds of thousands of coins Wallace was always in the lineup and it is pretty easy to tell why. The guy has 95 speed, 88 spec catch, 84 catching, and 82 route running. No, the catching stats are not amazing and are not going to wow anyone but 95 speed for a player that goes for 1200 coins. This player deserves well over a 80 rating but its awesome for a budget player.

Comparable- Dez Bryant 90 overall 40000 coins

madden15 ultimate_team_Tips_Dez_Bryant

Ok so it is obvious that Dez has the better catching stats in almost every way but 91 speed however is not the greatest. You will not be able to get the same type of separation with Dez as you would with Wallace and the catching stats are not as great. These receivers have similar heights and both have pros and cons but I prefer Wallace.



Delanie Walker 80 Overall 500 coins

madden15 ultimate_team_Tips_delanie_walker

In real life and in the game I love Delanie Walker. This card is not amazing as a receiver but it has one stat that separates it and makes it one of the best budget cards in the game. This card has 85 RUN BLOCKING which is absolutely insane and almost comparable to a lineman. With the way that some people like to run this is the perfect TE he also has 86 speed and 76 catching which isn’t all that bad. In my opinion the best bargain TE in the game.

Comparable to Jordan Cameron 90 Overall 20000 coins

madden15 ultimate_team_Tips_jordan_cameron

Jordan Cameron is one of the best tight ends in the game and he does have pretty good catching. On the run block side however he is weak blocker therefore I would take Walker over Cameron any day and he is substantially cheaper.



Terron Armstead 84 Overall 3000 coins

madden15 ultimate_team_Tips_Terron_Armstead

92 Pass Block, 85 Run Block, 91 Strength 80 speed. A great pass blocker and if you run strong powers this is the guy to have. He has 87 acceleration and that is amazing for a lineman. I used him at left tackle for a long time because the 80 speed was absolutely insane he pulls better than any other lineman and has good blocking as well you will not regret picking up this card for 4000

Comparable to- Branden Albert 89 overall 20000

madden15 ultimate_team_Tips_branden_albert

Albert is another LT with good acceleration but what he doesn’t have is the 80 speed. Armstead also has a higher impact blocking which is good for when you need someone to pull. I prefer Armstead over Albert and I have had both great bargain buy.

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