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Madden 21 New Feature “The Yard” Appears Similar to NBA 2K’s MyPlayer

Madden 21 fans got another glimpse into more leaked screenshots of the game and this time. fans saw more for The Yard. YouTuber Samuel “RBT” Brown posted two different tweets on Twitter with screenshots of details about The Yard.

What the Screenshots Revealed about Madden 21 and The Yard

The first leaked screenshot of Madden 21 and The Yard starts with the phrase, “Squad up and take on the world.” According to the leak, The Yard will be a new game mode that players can either play solo or play with other people. Gamers will have the ability to create and customize their avatar. Once the avatar is created, they can play with other people around the world and complete different challenges. While it doesn’t mention the mode being online, it appears that is the direction the mode is going to be.

Another screenshot reveals that players can level up their Madden rankings as they complete objectives. These objectives can be completed either on the console or on the mobile version of the game. Gamers will be able to unlock new gear for their avatars and earn credit to be spent. New challenges will be posted every day for gamers to complete.

Gamers will have full customization of their avatar as they can choose from the jerseys they wear to accessories they want to put on. The game will release new gear throughout the year for gamers to add to their avatars. Madden 21 players are encouraged to connect their Madden mobile account as another way to customize their avatar on their phones or in the game.

How The Yard Compares to NBA 2K’s MyPlayer

Many fans have already seen some of the similarities between The Yard and NBA 2K’s MyPlayer modes. While there are still some unknowns about The Yard, both game modes gives gamers the opportunity to customize their avatars. Gamers in both modes can add any accessories and update their avatar’s skills by earning credit.

The online aspect appears to also be similar for both game modes as well. The Yard appears to be heading in the direction of letting gamers play online against their friends in a more backyard feel. In NBA 2K, players can use their avatars to play others at NBA courts or on outside courts. As gamers play their matchups, the ability to upgrade your player with credits can also be done in both modes.


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