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Madden NFL Fantasy Draft Tips & Strategies

Drafting in a full CFM versus other users brings an entirely new set of challenges and requires a different strategy than when drafting versus the CPU. So we have a few tips and strategies for you guys that will help you be successful in your Madden NFL Fantasy Draft in Connected Franchise Mode.

Drafting Tips

  1. Check out the roster– Know what roster you are using beforehand. Over the course of a season  madden ratings can go up or down, or even experience position changes. So be sure to check out the roster you are using prior to the draft to verify the ratings and positions for any targeted players.
  2. Have a strategy– Whether it’s what you value by position (QB > CB > TE > MLB) or specific types of players you target for your style of play (Run Heavy, Zone Coverage, etc)make a strategy and try to stick with it. This is a chance for you to build a team exactly how YOU want it so don’t choose solely based on OVR and miss out on players that fit your scheme the best.
  3. Draft selection position– Where you choose in the draft makes a HUGE difference in the type of strategy you develop. Selecting in the Top 10 taking a QB with your 1st pick may be a much better option than if selecting at #32. So get to know your draft position ASAP before figuring out your draft strategy.
  4. CPU vs User – How many CPU teams are there in the draft. How a human chooses players is completely different how the CPU does. The CPU tends to value QB, pass rushers and youth at most positions. Users are completely different and each will have their own individual strategies.
  5. Pay attention! – Watch the picks, pay attention to what others are picking. Try to anticipate “the run” on specific positions and get ahead of it. This is especially important when drafting in the top 5 as there will be a large gap in between your selections.
  6. Development and age – Be sure to pay attention to the development and age of players. You can find development of each player in Madden here. Age matters even more if this is in a CFM that you plan to play multiple seasons in.
  7. Be ready for your pick – Don’t rush and scramble when it comes to your pick. A few picks ahead starting planning out between 2-4 guys you will take when it’s your turn to pick. This will avoid mistakes and reaches. If there are 3 teams ahead of your pick choose the top 4 players you want to take so when it’s impossible for at least one of your guys to be there.
  8. Have a backup plan – If your strategy is to take a QB/CB/RB with your 1st pick but all of these elite players at that position are gone make sure you have a backup plan. Don’t reach for an 80 ovr QB with your 1st selection just because that’s what your initial plan said.
  9. Sleepers! – Getting quality starters in the late rounds is key for winning your Madden NFL Fantasy draft. Be sure to checkout our Madden Sleeper Series for great underrated players you can snag later on.

Drafting Strategies

Blue Ocean Strategy– Personally I like to follow a blue water strategy when drafting. Searching for ways to gain “uncontested market space” than engaging in traditional competition. I apply this to Fantasy drafting by watching what positions others are focusing on and going in the opposite direction. If teams are going focusing heavily on corner there may be top players left at Safety. If many are taking WRs then there may be top rated offensive linemen still on the board. The point is to go where others are not, be sure not to do this and sacrifice your overall strategy though.

Domination Strategy- The domination strategy is when you go all out for a select group. Meaning to draft heavily in one or two positions. Like bookend pass rushers, two lockup corners, a LT/LG combo or two highly rated cover 2 safeties. One of my favorites is a top DT, MLB, FS combo so you are strong up the middle on each level of the defense.

Team Versatility- Selecting players on both sides of the ball that excel at multiple positions.  A fullback like Marcel Reece that can also play TE. A TE like Jimmy graham who can play WR. A DB like Tyrann Mathieu who can play corner and safety. Also players like Wide receiver Tavon Austin who also excel in returning kicks and punts. This will allow you to move these players around to cover any weakness you may have in another area.

Win Now Strategy- Many CFM vets see age 30 as a death knell for Madden players. Take advantage of this and grab those high rated but older players that others pass on. Most leagues won’t go more than a few years so this probably won’t hurt you as much as people think. I have seen highly rated players go well into the later rounds because they are 30+, draft those guys and let them show the league they have some juice left!

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