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Marshawn Lynch Gets Easter Egg in Black Ops 3

marshawn lynch easter egg black ops 3

Marshawn Lynch is retiring from the game, or at least that’s what seems to be happening. As it turns out, the people at Treyarch will be sad to see him go. So sad, in fact, that they’ve made changes to one of the most popular maps in the game, Combine. The changes are minor, but as one YouTuber with eagle eyes has pointed out, actually turn out to be a tribute to Marshawn Lynch who recently announced his retirement.

The numbers on the map used to read 1-A, but now read 24, which you might know as Lynch’s number on the Seahawks. Marshawn Lynch starred in the campaign for Black Ops III which was released late last year, which explains the easter egg. A worthy tribute for a memorable player. We’ll miss him too!

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