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NBA Live Returning? Scott O’Gallagher Joins EA as Creative Director

A familiar face to EA Sports is returning with Scott O’Gallagher going from 2K to EA. O’Gallagher teased a video Tuesday on Twitter that showcased the EA Sports logo at the tail end of the six-second video. His bio was changed to read at the end “Creative Director at @EASPORTS.”

This would mark O’Gallagher’s return to EA Sports after previously leaving EA for Visual Concepts and 2K Games. His LinkedIn has his title being producer and designer at 2K Games. He was showcased in multiple videos for 2KTV last year as the Gameplay Producer for NBA 2K20.

Will Scott O’Gallagher Bring Back NBA Live for EA?

Scott O’Gallagher was apart of the team that worked on NBA Live when EA was producing those games. The last NBA Live game was released back in 2018 with NBA Live 19. EA canceled plans to produce NBA Live 20 back in October of last year to focus on relaunching the series for the next-gen consoles.

The NBA Live series has seen its share of problems with poor reviews and sales in the past. After the mixed reception of NBA Live 10, EA tried to rebrand their NBA game calling it NBA Elite 11. The launch of its demo was a failure after multiple glitches and issues with the game which resulted in EA scrapping the game and not releasing an NBA game in 2011 or 2012.

O’Gallagher returns to EA working as their Creative Director which leaves many to wonder what his role will be. It would be easy to assume that he will be heading up the launch of a potential new NBA Live game. While not much is known about his role, he was critical in helping the NBA Live games perform well when it returned. It has to make many think his return is directly pointed towards NBA Live.

Many NBA game fans would be happy to see a new NBA Live game released as it might help give some competition for 2K. With some complaints being NBA 2K has been a similar game for the past few years, NBA Live could pressure them into adding more to the game. Gamers will have to wait and see what O’Gallagher has to bring to the table.


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