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Top 5 Sports Games Of All-Time

The warm and fuzzy nostalgic feelings that represent a man’s youth can be directly attributed to… games – better yet, sports video games.

What makes a great sports video game?  Well, many factors, but today’s game is at a great disadvantage.  The “spoiled” or “entitled” gamer feels that they are deserving of a perfect game, which doesn’t exist.  Any of today’s games get dismissed because of “Online” issues which people perceive to be major flaws.  Yes, online is everything now, but don’t let that skew your ability to enjoy the game for what it is.  The major reason we feel so great about these games listed is because no online features were present to be able to screw things up for us.

People talk about NFL 2K5 like it was the best football game ever made.  Well, I have news for you, it wasn’t.  It was a good game, but very “Arcadey” and buggy.  Tapping the turbo button to go faster?  Using Ricky Williams to get to the outside on every run?  Zero strategy involved with that.

For all the knocks Madden hears these days, their online functions remain the best, while 2K and The Show continue to be plagued by major problems.

Here is our list of the Top 5 Sports Video Games of all-time, A Story By Elite Sports NY

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