Mar 5, 2021
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Axis Football 17 Not Coming To Consoles

Axis Football 17

Axis Football fans are going to have to wait at least another year before getting to experience the game on home consoles.

Developer Axis Games announced on Tuesday that Axis Football 17 won’t be releasing on Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Instead, it will remain a PC (Steam) only game.

“We really want to think this through, and want to approach this as a long-term strategy,” Danny Jugen of Axis Games stated in a video announcing the decision. “We feel like the best way we can serve not only the community, but also grow the games is by holding off on consoles for one more year.”

He added: “Long term, we know we definitely want to be on consoles.”

Jugen said that the team has had unofficial talks with Microsoft, and was confident Axis Football 17 could get approved for the Xbox One. However, knowing what fans expect from console American Football games, he admits that the game isn’t up to the “current generation standards” for console games.

He also said that it would cut over two months of time into the development window for Axis Football 18 just to get this year’s game on console.

The plan is to continue to establish an identity for the game while working towards making this year’s title as polished as possible for PC players.

Axis Football 17 launches later this summer. For more on Axis Football 17, be sure to check out our full preview of the game.


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