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MLB Manager 2017 Available For Android and iOS

MLB Manager

After releasing an excellent title like Out of the Park Baseball 18, OOTP Developments is back with a new title – MLB Manager 2017, available for mobile gaming fans on Android and iOS.

The game allows its players to take control of any MLB team (the game comes with an official license), past or present, and guide it through unlimited seasons. Players will also be able to create custom leagues.

The game’s core feature include three game modes (Major League, fictional, and historical), full managerial options, play-by-play game text stream, and an in-depth financial system. Historic leagues are available as in-app purchases.

As it is for its older sibling OOTP, human GMs in MLB Manager need to oversee trades, negotiate contract extensions, sign free agents, draft players, cultivate minor league prospects, move players between the active roster, minor league roster and disabled list, and more.

MLB Manager 2017’s main developer is Sebastian Palkowski, the man behind the Franchise Hockey Manager series.

MLB Manager 2017 is available for $4.99 or international equivalent on Android Play Store and Apple Store. You can find more information at the title’s home page.

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