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MLB The Show 17 Conquest Guide: How to Defeat and Complete Conquest!

mlb the show 17 conquest

MLB The Show 17 Conquest is another mode that allows us to play offline vs the AI with some type of objectives to progress towards.  Similar to NBA 2K’s Domination mode, Conquest offers users an option to play offline to unlock some very good cards to further build their team.  This guide will explain the best way to complete the map, capture the strongholds, and how to do so in the fastest way possible.

First, keep in mind there are four phases per turn.  This is a turn based strategy game, similar to the board game, risk.  Each phase you can Attack, Capture, Reinforce, and Move.  They all can be skipped as well.

Secondly, the most important tip if you are looking to capture the entire map as fast as possible is to skip the capture phase and only focus on attack and reinforce.  Start off by taking as many territories as possible and do not begin to attack the CPU until every single space on the map is filled.  For every 3 spaces you capture, you get 1 million in reinforcements per turn.  So your goal is to multiply as fast as possible.

When starting out, it is smart to barricade your first stronghold then begin to work West.  The Western portion offers the most territories and you can begin with Colorado then move your way to Seattle then LA, SD, ARI and work your way back to the South and East.

Next, Once the spaces are all occupied then you can start moving all of your reinforcements to the front of wherever you want to attack next.  Then just simply take out the CPU’s territories one by one and look to simulate only the “High” probability games. It also helps the higher your team is overall.  When I was doing this with my stacked team I was winning the matchups nearly every time, but when I first started it was a lot more random.

This can take up to 90 minutes, but you can take over the entire map very fast this way.  Simply rinse and repeat until you have the majority of the territories and it becomes exponentially easier to complete the map.  If you do this correctly, you will not have to play any AI games at all until you are in position to attack and conquer the strongholds.

Keep in the mind, the CPU will capture their own strongholds from each other too.  If you simply conquer a team’s original starting strong hold then you will unlock the inning missions for the hidden players.

I recommend controlling the entire map before you play any games, unless you just desire to and/or you want to rack up innings.

Once you have the map completed then go for the strongholds you want to conquer first.  You can go for Ichiro in Seattle, Gwynn in SD, Finley in Arizona, Holliday in Colorado, Morris for Detroit…and so on.  Eventually you will take them all out and can just go for any mission whenever you desire.

Once the strongholds are captured you unlock the mission.  Simply, put all the players from that same team into your lineup and either play online, conquest, extra innings or vs the CPU in DD.  All of them rack up innings at the same rate.  Once the innings are completed you’ll be asked to feed players from that team to unlock the final hidden player for that team.  Once all the strongholds are captured, you will also unlock the mission “Baseball Manifest Destiny” which will give you a 10 pack bundle.  This can only be unlocked once.

Now you are done with conquest!  You can always start over and the missions will stay say unlocked and your progress will not be lost for any of the missions.  So feel free to restart the map to grind more innings for your players.  Conquest is also one of the best ways to earn XP as it is pro-rated, plus you’ll get an end game reward for each 3 inning game.  This is a great way to practice, level up, and unlock some of the best cards in the game.

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