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MLB The Show’s All-Star Summer Events Continue With “Moonshot”


MLB The Show’s All-Star summer events continue on with “Moonshot.” “Moonshot” is an event tailored to power hitters. In this event you choose any hitters with at least a 70 power rating from either side of the plate. They can be any tier. You also have to choose pitchers but they must be commons. You then play head to head three inning games and try to rack up the wins for rewards.

Basically, think Battle Royale. It is similar in the way that you collect rewards as you pass win streak milestones. Along with this is a cumulative wins reward for racking up wins over the course of the whole event.

Win Streak Rewards

  • 12-WIN STREAK: All-Star Legend Luis Tiant (Diamond, 98 OVR starting pitcher)
  • 9-WIN STREAK: Guaranteed Gold Live Series Player
  • 6-Win STREAK: Guaranteed Silver Live Series Player
  • 3-Win STREAK Guaranteed Bronze Live Series Player

Cumulative Win Rewards 

  • 20-Win Cumulative: All-Star Flashback Chris Davis (91 OVR 1B)
  • 10-Win Cumulative: Guaranteed Gold Live Series Player
  • 8-Win Cumulative: Guaranteed Silver Live Series Player
  • 3-Win Cumulative: Guaranteed Bronze Live Series Player

All games will be double elimination and when you are eliminated you can choose a new lineup and play again right away. You also collect all the rewards from achieving every streak milestone. Not just the top reward.

“Moonshot” looks to be another fun event in The Show’s All-Star Summer. Seeing a game continuing to innovate with new modes and events during its cycle is a welcome change to sports gaming. Seeing this in more games would certainly be a welcome change.

Let us know how you are doing in the MLB The Show 17‘s All-Star Summer Events in the comments below.

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