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MLB The Show 18 New Career Arcs Plus All 12 Immortals Available Now


San Diego Studio (SDS) released 12 new career arc programs for MLB The Show 18 Diamond Dynasty.

The new career arc programs are as follows:

  • Albert Belle, OF – feeds into Babe Ruth immortal program
  • Roberto Alomar, 2B – feeds into Jackie Robinson
  • Johnny Bench, C – feeds into Mike Piazza
  • Frank Thomas, 1B – feeds into Albert Pujols
  • Duke Snider, OF – feeds into Ken Griffey Jr.
  • Zack Greinke, SP – feeds into Bob Gibson
  • Barry Larkin, SS – feeds into Cal Ripken Jr.
  • Mike Schmidt, 3B – feeds into Chipper Jones
  • Fergie Jenkins, SP – feeds into Tom Seaver
  • CC Sabathia, SP – feeds into Nolan Ryan
  • Robb Nen, CP – feeds into Billy Wagner
  • Rollie Fingers, CP – feeds into Rich Gossage

Dedicated players had been asking for well over a month for SDS to release new career arcs. Competitive lineups stayed very similar between top players for all of June, simply because there were not enough good cards on the market or obtainable through programs.

In a Twitch broadcast Wednesday, SDS took a fire hose to those critics, releasing all 12 career arc programs necessary to complete the immortal programs available since launch.

Below is a look at Frank Thomas, Mike Schmidt and Duke Snider. These photos were captured from the SDS broadcast.


MLB-The-Show-18-Duke-Snider-statsSeveral of the career arcs have already been completed, as some of the best mission grinders on The Show have been working tirelessly since the programs were released.

Most importantly, SDS made sure that even though all 12 arcs were dropped simultaneously, they wouldn’t be easy to complete. These career arcs are exponentially more tedious and complex to complete. On the plus side, jerseys and hats are not the only souvenirs used. All souvenirs can be exchanged in the new programs to complete the arcs.

You can watch the entire Twitch brodcast here.

A new roster update is also available. Keep in mind, this is an update for transactions and position changes which does not contain attribute modifications.

SDS also released a small patch earlier this week. Patch 1.12 aims to fix a few minor bugs and crashes. You can read more about it here.

What do you think of the latest update for MLB The Show 18 Diamond Dynasty? Which of the new career arcs are you grinding for? Let us know in the comment section below.

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