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MLB The Show 18 New Immortal Event Out Now

Today, San Diego Studio (SDS) released new content for MLB The Show 18 Diamond Dynasty. A brand new immortal event, legend cards, and equipment cards are all available now.

The new event is an AL West theme. This means you may only use players from the Astros, Angels, Rangers, Mariners and Athletics to build your team. Commons ranging from 60 to 64 overall are also permitted. The max team overall is 73. Additionally, no knuckleball pitchers are eligible for this event.

Also, this is an immortal event, meaning you can earn up to three Stan Musial bobbleheads. Those bobblehead items go towards Musial’s immortal program, which can now be 70% complete. The player reward for the event is 91 overall legend Mike Scott, a starting pitcher. Below are his ratings.

Mike Scott, the exclusive player reward for Diamond Dynasty’s newest event. Unlock him by reaching 40 cumulative wins (3-inning games) in the event.

Per TheShowNation, below is a breakdown of the event rewards.

Cumulative Wins Rewards (earn once)

  • 15 WINS CUMULATIVE: 1 Stan Musial Bobblehead*
  • 25 WINS CUMULATIVE: 1 Stan Musial Bobblehead
  • 40 WINS CUMULATIVE: Hardware Legend Mike Scott (Diamond, 91 OVR Starting Pitcher)
  • 50 WINS CUMULATIVE: 1 Stan Musial Bobblehead

Event Wins Per Entry Rewards (repeatable)

  • 3 WINS PER ENTRY: 1 Bronze Live Series Player (65-74 OVR)
  • 6 WINS PER ENTRY: 1 Silver Live Series Player (75-79 OVR)
  • 9 WINS PER ENTRY: 1 Gold Live Series Player (80-84 OVR)
  • 12 WINS PER ENTRY: 1 Diamond Live Series Player (85-89 OVR)

Set 7 has also been released, and it features equipment cards for Father’s Day. Collecting all five equipment pieces gets you the program reward, 95 overall legend Willie McCovey. Below are his ratings.

Willie McCovey, the Father’s Day Program reward in MLB The Show 18’s Diamond Dynasty.

You can read more about today’s update here.

SDS also announced no roster update will come out tomorrow, and the next one is scheduled for June 22. More career arcs (that will unlock immortals) are scheduled to drop sometime this month.

What do you think of today’s content update? Are you excited to play the new event? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to SGO.

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