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MLB The Show 19: Immersive 11th Inning Program Available Now, Details Here


San Diego Studio (SDS) just released the last substantial content update for MLB The Show 19 Diamond Dynasty. This update new cards (including signature series Eddie Mathews and Jose Bautista), the new 11th Inning program, new collection rewards, a new conquest map, new moments, additional mystery rewards and more. Here’s a complete breakdown of all the new content.


The 11th Inning Program is now open. This program is set to last until the release of MLB The Show 20, so the standard maximum of 600 program stars has been increased to 1,500 to accommodate the three months (exactly) before the new game drops.

With 1,500 program stars to earn, rewards are abundant in the 11th Inning Program. If you fully complete the program, you’ll earn a total of 135 packs, including 18 total diamond players, seven of which are 99 overall. Here’s a look at the missions in the new program.

There will be a total of four conquest maps in the 11th Inning Program. This, along with collection rewards and online stat missions, means there is a way for any type of Diamond Dynasty player to complete the program.

After the 600 star mark, all rewards are hidden. In total, 20 rewards are hidden in the program, so it’ll be up to true grinders to complete these milestones and inform the community of the rewards.

Diamond Dynasty diehards clamored for Signature Series cards like Albert Pujols and Mike Trout for months, only to wait until the 10th Inning Program. While almost all of the big names are released to this point, here are some Signature Series cards that still haven’t been released. Hopefully, some of these cards are hidden in the 11th Inning Program.

  • Cy Young
  • Joe Torre
  • Don Mattingly
  • Goose Gossage
  • Eric Davis
  • Rob Dibble
  • Don Sutton
  • Mike Scott
  • Warren Spahn
  • Bret Saberhagen
  • Bret Boone
  • Andruw Jones
  • Mark Prior
  • Joe Carter
  • Paul Konerko


The first Extra Innings Event is now open. Sticking with a common theme for events this year, there will be three Extra Innings Events, each of which yield a maximum of four vouchers. Earn vouchers in the events and redeem them to receive the following Signature Series players: 99 Eddie Mathews (eight vouchers), 97 Jose Bautista (four vouchers) and 95 Robb Nen (two vouchers). Below is a look at all three players’ attributes and card art.


Prices in the pack shop have dropped across the board. Per TheShowNation, here are the new discounted pack prices:

  • Finest Elite Choice Pack – 24,000 Stubs
  • The Show Pack (50) – 50,000 Stubs
  • Signature Series Choice Pack – 20,000 Stubs
  • Headliners Bundle – 5,000 Stubs
  • The Show Pack (20) – 20,000 Stubs
  • The Show Pack (10) – 10,000 Stubs
  • The Show Pack (1) – 1,000 Stubs
Additionally, you can redeem a free pack bundle in the store to celebrate the holidays.

Lastly, MLB The Show released a schedule for upcoming content drops, important dates and other game updates. The 11th Inning Program will be the final program in The Show 19, and there will be just one more ranked season that begins on December 19. Here is the full schedule for the upcoming month.

You can read more about all of the new content here.

What do you think of the recent content updates? Are you already grinding the 11th Inning Program? Which of the new cards do you need on your team right away? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to SGO.

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