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MLB The Show 20 New Defensive Features


Today, Sony San Diego Studio (SDS) broadcast live on Twitch to demonstrate new defensive features in MLB The Show 20. Game designers broke down several new additions to the game that will make defense more impactful and skill-based in the upcoming game. MLB The Show 20 will release on March 13 exclusively for PlayStation 4.  Here’s a complete breakdown today’s “Defensive Fundamentals” live stream.


By clicking in the right stick (R3) on the PS4 controller, you will now open a brand new menu that shows the fielding, reaction, arm strength and arm accuracy ratings for every player on the field. Below is a look at the new screen.


This gives players quick access to information that previously had to be memorized, estimated or flat out guessed. Whether you’re on offense or defense, knowing and utilizing this information will change decision making patterns.

There are three new “jump” animations for fielders in The Show 20. This means for outfielders, the first step they take will be much more heavily based on attributes. First step animations will result in more base hits, especially those that fall in front of outfielders.


The all-new extreme catch indicator provides a deep new wrinkle to fielding in The Show 20. On in-between balls for outfielders, the new indicator will appear. Whether the player dives, reaches for a shoestring catch or slows down to block the ball is completely up to the user, and there is a high level of risk and reward involved.

Additionally, there are major throwing changes to MLB The Show 20. The button accuracy throwing meter is the most commonly used throwing mechanic historically in MLB The Show. That will be no different in the upcoming game, but the skill required to hit a green (good) accuracy throw has increased.


In The Show 20, even if a throw is in the green portion of the meter, it’s not guaranteed to be a perfect throw. It could be slightly off-line to the left or right, or could be perfectly on-line. A “perfect throw line” has been installed in the accuracy meter to add a skill gap to throwing. This applies to all throws, including from catchers when runners are attempting to steal a base.


Lastly, the catcher blocking system has been completely revamped. The ability to block the ball is now completely reliant on ratings, attributes and quirks, and any randomness to these situations has been eliminated. Catchers now have a skill-based tree of animations. The best defensive catchers, like Yadier Molina and Buster Posey, will block almost everything.


Lastly, “swipe tags” have been added to fielding animations. This means when a tag is being applied to a runner at a base or home plate, tags will be much quicker and more fluid.


Here is a look at the upcoming schedule for live streams by SDS developers. There are still seven more broadcasts before the release of MLB The Show 20.

The next stream will take place today at 6 pm ET, where SDS will cover changes and improvements to the hitting and pitching systems in The Show 20.

If you missed today’s stream, it is below.

You can read more about MLB The Show 20 here.

Are you going to purchase MLB The Show 20? Did you participate in the Closed Beta? What did you think of today’s stream? Do you like the changes SDS is making for MLB The Show 20? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to SGO.

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