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MLB The Show 22 Adds New Content Looking to the Past and the Future

MLB The Show 22 saw one of the biggest weeks for content in the series’ history this week in Diamond Dynasty. Future of the Franchise, the new Featured Program, arrived today bringing with it 30 new 95 OVR cards for players to earn. Two new collections dropped that reward the best new cards in the game. Several other programs and pieces of content are all now available for players to grind into the dog days of summer.

MLB the Show 22 Future of the Franchise & more

The Future of the Franchise Featured Program introduces this year’s set of Future Stars cards into MLB The Show 22. Similar to the Faces of the Franchise program, each team is represented in the program, this time by one of the best prospects in their respective farm systems. These cards are all 95 OVR and will certainly boost everyone’s lineups, but don’t expect to fill your binder with all 30 right away.

MLB the Show 22

Like the earlier Faces of the Franchise program, players will only be able to earn 12 of the 30 cards in the program. If you want more, you will either have to purchase them on the marketplace or wait and hope there are opportunities to earn more later on. This seems like a safe bet, considering players will be able to earn six more of the Faces of the Franchise players from the first Featured Program in the second half of this new Featured Program.

The program also comes with a new catch of flashback and legend cards. These are rewarded in the early part of the program and feature several new diamond cards. The later half of the program rewards tons of The Show and Headliners packs, along with stubs and other packs.

Babe Ruth Collection

Earlier this week, MLB The Show saw its first big collection update, when the new Takashi Okazaki Babe Ruth card was introduced into the game. This 97 OVR card is already one of the best in the game, with great contact and power stats, impressive fielding and better than expected baserunning. To earn this card, players will need to collect 8 of the 9 available Takashi Okazaki cards currently in the game.

MLB the Show 22

George Brett Collection

The Babe Ruth collection seems to have been an appetizer to the full meal that was released today with the new George Brett Finest collection. This is the first big collection reward to be added to the game this year, and it is impressive. This 99 OVR card is based on Brett’s 1980 MVP season where he hit .390/.454/.664 with 24 HRs and 118 RBIs. The card is just as dominant with incredible hitting, fielding, and baserunning stats across the board.

Obtaining this card will be no small feat though. To acquire the new best card in MLB The Show 22, players will need to almost completely fill out their card binder. Players must complete all 16 collections to earn the vouchers necessary to unlock Brett. The number of cards needed today for each of these collections is as follows:

  • Takashi Okazaki: 8 of 9 available cards
  • Cover Athletes: 12 of 12 available cards
  • Milestone: 6 of 7 available cards
  • Signature: 5 of 6 available cards
  • Awards: 10 of 11 available cards
  • Prime: 10 of 12 available cards
  • Faces of the Franchise: 27 of 30 available cards
  • Prospect: 40 of 43 available cards
  • Monthly Awards: 14 of 15 available cards
  • Future Stars: 27 of 30 available cards
  • Topps Now: 33 of 34 available cards
  • 2nd Half Heroes: 22 or 29 available cards
  • Rookie: 30 of 32 available cards
  • Breakout: 35 of 42 available cards
  • All-Star: 60 of 73 available cards
  • Veteran: 28 of 29 available cards
  • Postseason: 12 of 14 available cards

This collection will definitely take a while for most players to complete, but it should be easier once more cards are added to the game to earn and eventually complete all these collections. However, it seems certain changes to the amount of earnable cards, like Featured Programs that only let you earn 12 of the 30 cards in the series when you need 27 for the collection, are going to make completing collections like this harder than in previous years.

MLB the Show 22

Last year in MLB The Show 21, programs like Team Affinity would reward players with 30 cards at a time. These cards were all earnable through gameplay and would help spur them towards completing the collection. Now, with Team Affinity gone and replaced by the stingier Featured Programs, players will either have to wait and hope for more chances to earn players or make their way to the marketplace to purchase more cards than in years past.

Other Programs

The Nike City Connect programs continue to be added to the game. This week the Colorado Rockies are in the spotlight. By completing moments, exchanges, and PXP missions with Rockies and 89 OVR All-Star Charlie Blackmon, players will earn the Rockies new Nike City Connect jersey.

Earlier this week, MLB The Show celebrated Lou Gehrig  with the Lou Gehrig Day Program. This program lets players earn a 92 OVR All-Star Lou Gehrig and a 86 OVR All-Star Salvador Perez. Perez was the 2022 recipient of the Lou Gehrig award.

MLB the Show 22

Always Intense and Headliner Packs

The second Always Intense set pack has arrived in MLB The Show 22. This new pack includes the following cards:

Base Round

  • 92 OVR Milestone Jorge Polanco
  • 92 OVR Awards Adam Duvall
  • 91 OVR Milestone Brock Holt
  • 92 OVR Prime Lorenzo Cain
  • 91 OVR All-Star Paul Goldschmidt

Rare Round (1:5 odds)

  • 95 OVR Finest Brian Wilson
  • 95 OVR Milestone Nick Castellanos
  • 95 OVR 2nd Half Marcus Semien

MLB the Show 22

The 19th Headliners set has arrived. The latest Headliner is 95 OVR Awards Robbie Ray based off his Cy Young winning year in 2021.

Are you excited about this new content in MLB The Show 22? Let us know what part of this update is your favorite!

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