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Free Ballin’ – Knockout City Goes Free-to-Play

Knockout City launched it’s sixth season this week, titled City of Tomorrow. Season 6 brings a new ball and the return of the Brawl Pass, which was temporarily missing from Season 5. The biggest piece of news, however, is that Knockout City is now officially Free-to-Play on all platforms.

Knockout City – The City of Tomorrow

Velan Studios announced the shift back in February as part of their Season 5 reveal. The developers initially published Knockout City under the EA Originals umbrella. The shift to Free-to-Play meant that Velan Studios and EA Originals would part ways. The news post explained that Season 5 would be content-lite, to give the developers time to focus on the split. This meant that Season 5, called “Greatest Hits,” would mostly be filler.

Now, Knockout City is back and in business. As previously mentioned, Season 6 brings back the Brawl Pass, K.O. City’s version of a battle pass. Due to the nature of going Free-to-Play, the Brawl Pass now mirrors many other popular battle pass structures: a premium track, with free items every few levels. Here’s the good news, though: the premium Brawl Pass costs holobux, which is Knockout City’s in-game currency.  The biggest positive of going Free-to-Play is that console players will no longer need an active paid online account to play. There’s never been a better time to try our Best New Franchise of 2021.

What Goes Around Comes Around – The Boomerang Ball

Season 6: City of Tomorrow brings a handful of balance changes and bug fixes. We don’t have a new stage yet, but we do get a brand-new ball, the Boomerang Ball. It works exactly how it sounds, you throw the Boomerang Ball, it bounces off something (either a surface or an enemy), and then returns to sender. You can re-catch the Boomerang Ball, and with good timing, keep throwing it over and over. It rules! It might be my favorite ball so far.

Knockout City Free-to-Play
Your screen boarder turns blue when the Boomerang Ball is headed back. This helps me not panic when a ball is flying at me.

There’s also a fun Among Us collaboration. There are 4 new Among Us-themed customization items, which are all free on the Brawl Pass. Look, Among Us deserves to be the next Shovel Knight. Put it in every game.

Knockout City is available for free on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and 5, the Nintendo Switch, and on PC.

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