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Out of the Park Baseball 22 New Features

After dropping an official trailer last week, Out of the Park Developments is back with an in-depth look at some of the new features coming to Out of the Park Baseball 22. Enlisting MLB Network’s Scott Braun, OOTP Developments revealed some new details that will more than likely keep fans of the baseball strategy game happy.

3D stadiums in Out of the Park 22

On the visual side, OOTP 22 features all-new 3D stadium renders for each MLB team. Longtime fans of the baseball sim title can trace the progression from pure text, to simple graphics, and now complete 3D parks. Also, for the first time in a long time, baseball game developers are putting creativity back in player’s hands when it comes to stadiums. OOTP devs put an emphasis on retooling the game’s ballpark construction kit. Billing itself as the “infinite baseball sandbox,” users can now move fences, create their own monster walls, and adjust heights of various aspects of the stadium.


Another welcome addition to OOTP 22 is increased depth and immersion when it comes to coaches in franchise mode. For the first time in Out of the Park baseball, first and third base coaches have been added. These coaches can impact how your team performs on the basepaths. Coaching roles can now be assigned for roster training and coaching combos can have an affect on player development. Similar to real-life, you can get the most out of your staff by hiring coaches with cohesive baseball philosophies.

Also, coaches can now be poached from other ballclubs in OOTP 22. Other teams coaches are able to join your staff if offered a higher position in your clubhouse.


Other notable details are revamped AI trade logic and increased strategy control. CPU teams in Out of the Park 22 now field and offer trades based on that team’s specific needs. Additionally, situational baseball when it comes to pinch hitting has received a bump in detail.

A Twitch stream for OOTP‘s Perfect Team is scheduled for March 16 at 8 PM EST, followed by a community Q&A on March 19 at the same time.

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