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Esports Boxing Club Reveals New Fighter Render, Title Prototype, MORE

The folks at Steel City Interactive have been hard at work getting eSports Boxing Club ready for its eventual Early Access release on Steam. The team has been sharing about one major update a month. In the meantime, smaller bits of info have trickled out about eSports Boxing Club. The developers often answer questions or post new info in the game’s official discord, for example. We took some time to round-up news about eSports Boxing Club from various places on the net, including a look at a new fighter as well as the First Look at the eSports Boxing Club title belt.

eSports Boxing Club Fighter Render: Eddie Hall

Former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall, rendered for eSports Boxing Club via James Busby’s ArtStation

James Busby, a director at Ten24, posted renders of a new fighter on his ArtStation on Tuesday. Curiously, the newest fighter reveal for eSports Boxing Club isn’t a fighter by trade. At least, not yet.

The full profile of strongman Eddie Hall, via James Busby’s ArtStation

The new renders feature 2017’s World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall. After winning the event in 2017, Hall announced his retirement from the World’s Strongest Man competition. Since then, he’s taken up boxing as a hobby to help him maintain a healthier bodyweight.

Is a hobby-level interest enough to make it into the boxing video game? Turns out, yeah. eSports Boxing Club’s FAQ specifically addresses Hall’s inclusion, and says that the developer is “in talks with many other established athletes with a boxing pedigree to be included in ESBC,” as well.

Even so, Hall has a very distinct cross-over into boxing in September. Hall is featured in an upcoming fight against fellow World’s Strongest Man and Game of Thrones Star Hafþór “The Mountain” Björnsson. This offers a new question: Will Björnsson be joining the ESBC cast as well?

More importantly: Will I be able to make my fighter a muscle giant? Time will tell.

The eSports Boxing Club eWBC Title

Steel City Interactive still hasn’t revealed a ton about its plans for the eWorld Boxing Council championship. We know Steel City Interactive wants to host a real-life eSports tournament for eSports Boxing Club. We know that the winner will be crowned the eWBC Champion. Now, we have an idea of what the eWBC Champ might be wearing when they walk off-stage.

In it’s official discord, Steel City Interactive shared this prototype for the ESBC Championship Belt, which would adorn the eWBC Champion. The current design comes straight from the World Boxing Council. That’s an easy confirmation, since the eWBC prototyle is almost identical to the current WBC Championship title. This one features ESBC’s and Steel City Interactive’s logos. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the WBC Title’s design. It’s a cool design to copy, at least.

Some ESBC Controls Clarified

Developer and Community Moderator “Aim Bot” responded to a question last week asking about controls. In a screenshot shared on r/eSportsBoxingClub, a user asks “Any info at all on the controls? At least the punching?” Aim Bot replies, saying “You will be able to punch with sticks or buttons or a combination of both.

The response lines up with a February tweet that confirmed that you will be able to use the analog sticks to punch in ESBC. Sounds like ESBC will have a fighting system somewhere in between EA’s Fight Night series and a traditional button fighter. It’s nice that players will be able to work some flexibility into their button layout.

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