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How to Dominate in NBA 2K16 With Two Traditional Bigs: Spurs, Clippers, Jazz, and Boston Offensive Breakdown

NBA 2K16
Today’s NBA is obsessed with small ball and stretch 4’s, yet not every team is properly constructed to play this way. Clippers, Spurs, Jazz, Portland, Boston, and Memphis are all competitive NBA teams that lack 3pt shooting at the starting 4 position. With squads like that a 3-2 offense is a must. Today I am going to teach you how to run an advance two bigs system in 2K16 so you can dominate and have fun with a two traditional bigs.
In this first video I will be showing you a user created action that can be used throughout the course of a game. This action is the foundation of your two bigs offense, it will fuel everything else that comes after.

On its basic level, this is a pick and fade attack designed to get one of your bigs into a NBA sweet spot; the wing area inside the arc, free-throw line extended. However, the jump shot is not the end all and be all here. The real reason to get the big there is to open the duck in and also the corner three. Stretch 4 or not, the ultimate goal of any offense is to bend the defense. If a team can’t do it with a PnR three point attack then it will have to find another way; this PnF Duck-in action of mine is as good as they come on 2K. Make sure to perfect the button schemes of this action, much like in real life NBA interior passing in takes a lot of precision same goes for 2K16 inside play.
In this second video we will take your interior offense to the next level. Here I will show you how to combine GSW’s triangle offense alongside the Hawks motion attack to get the most out of your two bigs lineup.

In this PlayNow online gameplay you can actually see a two bigs team can be a very strong defensive squad. The PnF action in the first video is nice, and if you can combine it with a suitable freelance offense like Hawks Motion Cuts your offensive efficiency will grow through the roofs. Basketball is a copycat sport and sometimes it can be easy to fall into a trap of playing like everyone else. However never forget, the goal should always be about finding the perfect system for your roster; forcing two bigs to play pace and space won’t cut it. Hopefully with the tutorials today I was able to help your realize the potential and positives of playing two bigs. Enjoy Phamily, I will see all of you next time : )

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