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Madden 16 Tip: Shotgun Trips TE – Pays Y Post

Madden 16 Tip_PatsY_Post

Playbook: New England Patriots

Formation: Shotgun –Trips TE

Play: Pats Y Post

Analysis: The primary option of the play will be the B receiver who will be used to attack the safety, with the tight ends post route as the secondary option for when the B receiver starts to attract the defense’s attention. Pats Y Post also will have enough man beaters to be an option vs both coverages

Hot Routes: X (Square on PS4) on a streak, Y (Triangle on PS4) on a hitch route and RB (R1 on PS4) on a curl route

Reads (Left to Right) vs Man:

Y (Triangle on PS4): The hitch is unbumpable vs man coverage, so as soon as the receiver turns around bullet pass to the left so you’re throwing away from the defender.

B (Circle on PS4): Once he breaks to the outside lead pass to the sidelines.

A (X on PS4): Before the tight end makes his cut, lead pass to the inside before the defender can react.

RB (R1 on PS4): As soon as the back turns around pass it for an easy 5 yard gain. IF YOU’RE EXPECTING MAN COVERAGE before the snap,  leave the back on his default flat route. It’s an angled flat route that allows the back to beat his man to the edge, but you run the risk of it your opponent plays zone you have no one in the middle underneath to keep the linebacker from covering the tight end deep.

Reads (Left to Right) vs Zone:

Y (Triangle on PS4): You want to wait until the quarterback is done his drop before you even think about throwing to Y. Because by then that tells you for certain if any underneath defenders will cover him or leave Y open to cover the deeper routes.

B (Circle on PS4): If gone according to plan, Y will occupy an underneath defender leaving B potentially one on one with a safety. Depending on which side the safety is shaded towards (Cover 2 he would be more towards the sidelines)  so you can aim inside and (and vs cover 3 and 4 the safety is towards the middle)  so wait for the receiver to  beat him to the sidelines.

A (X on PS4): His route makes the defense think hard about who should cover B’s route, because he already eliminates one of the easier ways to defend B by usering the safety on that side, because the tight end runs directly into the area the safety would leave. And if the safety(s) stay put,  since the tight ends route runs at an angle towards the middle, he creates a cushion because him and the safety allowing him to catch passes in front of them.

RB (R1 on PS4): The back is used mainly as a decoy to occupy an underneath defender, but he is available for the check down if the defenders don’t cooperate.

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