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NBA 2K15 Patch #3 Problems

NBA 2k15 Patch #3 is now out for PS4, and it’s a massive 2.84 GB update.  XBox and PC will see their improvements come shortly.  “Improvements” is the key word to note.

While it’s only been a short time, here’s some of the initial reaction in the 2K world.

Issues buzzing around the community:

–Fouls still very high in My Career mode
A lot of backlash from the community for this NBA 2k15 patch has prompted 2K to try to make My Career mode more realistic in the sense that steals would be tougher.  No more excessive steal attempts without being brutally punished.  The patch seemed to do nothing by means of CPU teammates defending better, and now every time a player jumps, or makes the slightest contact with a steal, a foul is being called.

–Still can’t change accessories in The Park

Patch #3 was supposed to improve The Park functionality considerably. (

Some initial reports have surfaced in which accessories cannot be altered in The Park mode.

–Free Throw difficulty

The free throw difficulty seems to be a lot tougher now.  Before this current NBA 2k15 patch, executing a perfect release was ordinary and high percentage, not it seems a lot tougher.  This could turn into a major problem percentage wise if chatter keeps up.

–Replays and Player of the Game is still broken on PS4

–Overall sluggishness of player movement

–More reports of servers being unavailable

Again, these are just initial reactions from the community, but sometimes with updates, initial reactions is all that’s needed.  Constant bugs and issues have plagued this franchise since moving into the “fully online” stage. Stay tuned for further reports about the patch, and remember to always check out Sports Gamers Onlinne for your latest sports news.


Check out the official site detailing the NBA 2k patch here.

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