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Madden 15 Ultimate Team Week 14 TOTW Defensive Review


Several of the Week 14 team of the week cards standout performances were by a member of the secondary. No member of any secondary has more than 1 pick and only 3 of the players with a pick had a sack even then they only had 1. CB Orlando Scandrick did have a game sealing INT on Thursday Night Football along with a rant on the side lines. The only real surprise to me was OLB Evil Dumervil. Dumervil has 3.5 sacks and a forced fumble against the Dolphins. The stats over this week show how 3 LBs got TOTW cards.

So now let’s look at the defensive cards.

Picture in this article taken from EA Twitter Post 12th December 2014

Craig Robertson (84 overall) had a solid week in the Browns loss to the Colts. Robertson had 12 total tackles 2 for a loss and a fumble recovery that he took for a TD. Looking at the back of Robertson’s card nothing really stands out to me as amazing. 87 SPD (Speed) is nice for a LB, but by this time of the year most regular MUT players are looking for 90 plus speed LBs. Going deeper into his stat 74 CTH (Catching) is well over average for a LB, but is let down again by having only 86 POW (Hit Power) again most people that regularly play MUT are looking for 90 plus to force fumbles. This card has just over average coverage stats so he would be a good coverage LB, but not a must have player.


Picture in this article taken from EA Twitter Post 12th December 2014

Arthur Moats (85 overall) had a solid game and had a lot of stats in different areas. 2 sacks, 2 tackles for loss, 2 QB hits. 1 forced fumble and a fumble recovery. Again looking at the back of this card nothing stands out to me, yet against another LB with 87 SPD (Speed). Unlike Robertson, Moats catching is shockingly bad at 37 CTH. 94 PWM (Power Move) is solid and 86 BKS (Block Shedding) is above average. Also unlike Robertson, Moat has 95 POW (Hit Power) this LB is a pure pass rush OLB. His coverage is poor but he can get in the backfield and cause fumbles.


Picture in this article taken from EA Twitter Post 12th December 2014

Jamie Collins (86 overall) had the most impressive week of the 3 TOTW 14 LB cards. Collins had 9 solo tackles 3 of them for a loss, 3 QB hits and 2 sacks. The stats are familiar similar to the other 2 TOTW LB again with 87 SPD (Speed). Wasn’t till I looked deeper into this card did I go WOW. Collins has above average stats in all key LB stats. 95 JMP (Jumping) makes this LB hard to throw over, it also helps that he is 6 ft 3. 71 CTH (Catching) along with 85 MCV (Man Coverage) 73 MCV (Man Coverage) are well above average stats for an LB. Then when you add his 91 PWM (Power Move) 84 BKS (Block Shedding) and 90 POW (Hit Power) this LB  gives you a solid pass rusher too. Honestly if you want a complete LB that should be going cheap by the end of the week this is your guy.


Picture in this article taken from EA Twitter Post 12th December 2014

Byron Maxwell (90 overall) give the Seahawks back to back TOTW CB after Richard Sherman got the collection TOTW card last year. Maxwell was targeted 9 times only allowing 4 catches for 31 yards, 1 of the catches was for a first down. Maxwell has solid stats when you look at the back of the card. 93 MCV (Man Coverage) 95 ZCV (Zone Coverage) and 92 PRS (Press) make him a solid cover CB, but with only 93 SPD (Speed) and 6ft 1 tall might struggle against the elite speed WR like the new TOTW Hilton or the taller WR like TOTW 13 Calvin Johnson Jr.


Picture in this article taken from EA Twitter Post 12th December 2014

Sheldon Richardson (93 overall) got the collection card this week. Richardson had an impressive week for a 3- 4 DE that a few years ago wasn’t known for much other than being a run stopper. Richardson has 7 tackles 3 of which was for a loss, 5 QB hits along with 3 sacks and forced a safety. When I first saw the back of Richardson card I went WOW another solid DE. Just because Richardson is a 3-4 DE but can be used in the   4-3 defense as well. 78 SPD (Speed) is solid for a DE, but his 93 STR (Strength) 95 ACC (Acceleration) 96 TAK (Tackle) 92 BKS (Block Shedding) and 95 PWM (Power Move) Richard will get in the backfield. When you go deeper into the stats Richardson has 97 PUR (Pursuit) and 92 POW (Hit Power) meaning not only will he get to the player with the ball but also can cause fumbles when he gets there. If you are running a 3-4 DE playbook and pair Richardson with someone like flashback Justin Smith you will not only have a D-line that will get into the backfield but a D-line that allows you use your LBs in coverage.

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