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NBA 2K15 Tips: How to Play Online Offense and Defense


The “scripted” discussion has been going back and forth all year for many users; however, it isn’t always presented with game play. Checkout some of my gameplay and NBA 2K15 Tips below.

In the following video you will see me running a solid swing motion offense for 3 QTRs and building a big lead, then my opponent has a “comeback” even though I have been keeping his FG% to about 38% all game.

However it wasn’t “SCRIPTED”. What really happened was even though I was playing great, there were little negatives adding up on my team throughout the game. For a period of 3 minutes in the 3rd, those negatives outweighed the positives I had been generating. I addressed the negatives too late and had to pay for it for 3 minutes (Opponent had a 9-0 run).

His run against me didn’t last too long, because I realized what was going wrong. Called a timeout and made the necessary adjustments and ended up blowing him away in the 4th.

– Overplayed my starters for too long; they were too tired. I had to bring in the bench as a result but the bench guys were cold since I didn’t use them all game.
– My opponent got used to my Swing Motion Freelance Offense after 3 Qtrs. He adjusted his defense and caused me a lot of problems. My team didn’t score for 2.5 minutes.

– Called timeouts to give my starters much needed energy boost.
– Also called timeouts to cool down his players after his 9-0 run.
– Abandoned the Swing Motion Freelance and switched to a 4-1 Space the Floor offense for the 4 QTR.
– Brought back my well rested starters to play for the entire 4th QTR.

My team ended up playing so well in the fourth after the adjustments, my opponent quit after 3.5 minutes.

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