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NBA 2K16 MyTeam Tips: Historic Domination

Since domination was introduced in NBA 2K14, the ENTIRE 2K community has begged for one thing: Historic Domination; a chance to play and pull a historic legend without having to buy packs or save up tons of MT to buy one on the auction house. Well, it’s finally here and to make it interesting, the reward for completing it is an Amethyst Scottie Pippen for your troubles.

Now at first sight, I was ecstatic. The mode was the same, nothing was changed, just a good lineup of historic teams to beat. Furthermore, the amount of points required to beat them and receive their player pack was also increased. This made it more challenging, and therefore, more rewarding to beat. However, as I beat every team and claimed every pack, I noticed that the game was programmed to only give you specific “legends” from the pack and not the more popular ones that we actually wanted from historic domination. The best possible pulls were Dominique Wilkins (89 overall), Chris Mullin (88 overall), and Ben Wallace (87 overall). Don’t get me wrong, all of the players I’ve mentioned are good players, but they are only the tip of the iceberg of players that we could have gotten. This led me to believe that there was an overall rating cap that dictated which legends could be pulled – but I was wrong. Only a set few good legends are pullable from the packs: the less popular and easily replaceable ones. Even a lower rated legend such as Shawn Kemp (87 overall) is not pullable because 2K would rather you open up packs to get him when he is added to Flashback Friday packs – completely contrasting why we wanted historic domination.

In retrospect, my pack luck was horrible. I’ve seen many other people with a lot better luck than I had, so if you do watch the video of me opening every reward pack, do not judge historic domination from that alone. Just like regular domination, if you plan to complete it you should do it as soon as possible, while the mediocre, silver historic players are still worth some MT.

If asked, “Is historic domination worth it?”

I’d reply: “Only if you want the Pippen.”

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