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NBA 2K17 Best Dribble Moves – Part 3

NBA 2K17

Today is the final part of our Best Dribble Moves series in NBA 2K17. We will discuss the three more moves you need to know and master to get an open shot. Here are some of the most effective dribbling moves to get you to the hoop. Be sure to checkout part 2 here.

1. Behind the Back Dribble

Controls: You achieve the behind the back dribble by moving the right stick away from the hoop while your moving.

Notes: Going behind the back while driving completely protects the ball from the defenders in front of you until you expose the ball against to shoot or pass, while also allowing you to change directions very quickly. You want the transition to be as fast as possible so your still on the attack before the defender has a chance to re adjust.

Best ISO Behind the Back Animations

  • Normal 1
  • Elite 6
  • Normal 2 (fastest animation)


2. Between the Legs Cross

Controls: Aim the right stick to the heel of our off-ball hands foot. So, if you’re off ball hand is your left, aim the right stick down and to the left and if it’s your right hand, you aim down to the right.

Notes: It’s useful when multiple defenders are near you and you want to change directions. Tim Hardaway was famous for mixing this and a basic cross together to get defenders off balance.

Best ISO Crossover Animations (behind the back animation is tied to the ISO Crossover animations)

  • Normal 5
  • Normal 3
  • Basic 1 (which along with Normal 3 have the quickest ball transition to the opposite hand)


3. The Snatch Back

Controls: You do this by letting go of every button when your while moving and then flick the right stick away from the hoop

Notes: The sudden stop by the player can thus use the defender’s momentum against him and a lot of the time have him looking kind of silly. So, like I can you can use it after a lot of moves, the defender is playing you tight as you drive attempt the snatch back animation and he could go flying the other way, this simple move should be in every player’s arsenal.

Hope I furthered your dribbling understanding and you can go out on that court and get any shot you like. Stay tuned for more NBA 2K17 and subscribe to our Youtube if you don’t want to miss anything.

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