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NBA 2K17 MyTeam Tips: Best 100K Starter Team

nba 2k17 myteam 100k

If for some reason you still haven’t picked up NBA 2K17- please exit this page. If you have, but haven’t jumped into the fun-filled fantasy mode that is MyTeam, then now is the time. I know how it feels though, there’s probably so much you feel like you don’t know and it would be a mission. Who are the best players? Who are the best sleepers? Where would you even start your team? Well, the beauty of 2K’s in-game momentum this year allows even the most budget of squads to have a chance against Jesus and his disciples. With that being said, it’s pretty doable to put together about 100K MT grinding the mode. Here’s how you should spend it..


Moments: Steph Curry (Ruby) – 10K
HT: 6’3″
WT: 185 Lbs.

If you’re just starting the mode, this really is the perfect time. Simply for the fact that cards like these are as cheap as can be. At one point, they were the hottest cards in the mode. But now that time has passed, people like Chef Curry have lost value just because there’s a newer and shinier model out; this doesn’t mean that the old model can’t do work. Only a few of his stats are boosted in his newest version and only by minuscule amounts. This card is still just as abusive, and the perfect price for a starter squad.


Moments: Klay Thompson (Ruby) -15K
HT: 6’7″
WT: 205 Lbs.

I STILL get so mad when I run into someone using this dude in MyTeam Online. No joke, I get upset before the game even starts because I know what’s coming. He somehow gets left open, somehow is always the one the ball gets kicked out to, and somehow always the one to break my heart. My emotional words alone should have you searching this card up right now. Plus, it’s only right that he gets paired in the backcourt with his fellow splash brethren.


Moments: Giannis Antetokounmpo (Ruby) – 15K
HT: 6’11”
WT: 222 Lbs.

Say hello to one of the cheesiest cards in all of MyTeam; to the point where I don’t even use him myself. Depending on how much you don’t care about other people’s feelings, this card could play the 1 through 5 (most people like him at point). You can do that if you want to, he doesn’t have to be at the SF position. The point is just that you should have this card. Stats aside, his versatility makes him a must have for any starter/budget team.


Moments: Anthony Davis (Ruby) – 10K
HT: 6’10”
WT: 220 Lbs.

This is another one like Klay. If I see this card in your lineup then I’m already upset with my PF or C because they’re about to get it, and there’s nothing they can do about it. This is one of the more all around budget bigs in the game. He can defend, finish, and even stretch the defense out with his three point shot. Moreover, with how MyTeam Online is played this year, almost every big you run should have some form of shooting ability; Davis gives you that without having to lose athleticism or defense.


Moments: Karl Anthony-Towns (Ruby) – 10K
HT: 7’0″
WT: 250 Lbs.

Big KAT is also another example of an old model being looked over. He recently won the 2K moment of the month and was bumped up to an amethyst card. However, this Ruby is still gonna do work for your team. He’s a great versatile partner for AD in your frontcourt, and if you prefer, you could bring him off your bench and start another big coming up on the list.

Checkout the next page for the bench selections!

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