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NBA 2K17: How To WIN After Patch 1.05

Winning in 2K MyPark games isn’t easy and a lot of the times people tend to forget some of the more important steps to winning. Not everybody knows how to win games due to being caught up with trying to make mixtapes and highlight reels every time they touch the ball and not remembering any of the fundamentals that can lead them to dominate games. But don’t worry I can help fix this for you today with 5 simple tips that should elevate your playing in no time.

Learn from winners

First tip, only take advice from winners. Don’t just start taking tips and advice from anybody without first making sure they actually know what they’re doing. You have to remember that anyone can give you advice and you better believe anyone will give you advice. There will always be someone willing to tell you how you should be but can’t figure how they should be playing themselves, usually they blame 2k for all their losses. Don’t listen to that person, 2k is not out to get you nor is 2k out to get them.

Move the ball

BALL MOVEMENT is the most important step of all these. You will not win games against good teams without knowing how to move the ball. That super iso Westbrook/Kobe play style will only get you so far until you run into someone who knows how to play defense. You want to move the ball around through the team and let everyone get chances to score whether that be off their ball handling or off ball cuts. Moving the ball forces the other team to heavily play their assigned man and no one will be as comfortable at playing help defense against you when you do make your scoring move.

Learn to play off-ball offense

Playing off ball is just as important as playing with the ball in your hands, if not more important. You standing in the right spot off ball can be the difference in your team turning the ball over or your team getting a wide open 3. Knowing your player’s strengths and playing to them while also knowing your teammates’ strengths and knowing what areas of the court you should stay away from so they can dominate them is also very important. If you learn to time your cuts and rotational spacing to fit with your teammates movement tendencies you all will find it far easier to get wide open shots and far less turnovers.

Play your role

You want to have a full understanding of what your MyPlayer is good at and what he lacks. At no point should you be posting up with your stretch big to fadeways or hook shots. You shouldn’t be firing up 3 pointers with your slasher just because you’re open. There is a reason your slasher is open and a reason no one is panicking to play help defense on your stretch big in the post. Understanding where your play style dominates the most will not only help you perform a lot better on the court but will also help your teammates play better as they can rely only you a lot more. So be sure to know your play style and play it appropriately.

Play Defense

Defense wins championships, never forget that. You don’t want every game you play to come down to making a game winning shot. Playing defense as a team is necessary to stop good teams in the park or any 2k game modes. You will face a lot of pick and roll, and no matter how good of a defender you think you are you will need a team to play defense with you to stop it. Without help defense a pick and roll is 2 on 1 so whether you are getting hit with the screen or you are watching your matchup set a screen you have to understand when and how to help and or switch to prevent easy baskets. And just because your matchup isn’t involved in the pick and roll doesn’t mean you can take the play off and just sit back and watch. Usually the third man is actively making cuts to attack the basket or lose you off ball while your two teammates are too occupied to help you out. So stay focused and stick your matchup and force him to play outside of his players play-style where he will most likely be far less efficient.

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