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NBA 2K17 MyTEAM Tips: Hidden Gems – Mo Williams

NBA 2K17 MyTEAM Hidden Gems Mo Williams

NBA 2K17 MyTEAM Hidden Gems series covers the BEST players in MyTeam for the least amount of coin. Many of these guys play well above the ratings and value!

Mo Williams (Droppin’ 50)

HT: 6’1″      WT: 198 lbs.        Overall: 84

Average Price: 2,000 – 3,000

Strengths: Park dribble moves, Mid-range pull-ups, Three-point sniper

Weaknesses: Weak defensively, Finishing at the rim

How To use effectively: One of 2K’s favorite players since NBA 2K14, Mo Buckets is back and better than ever in the cheesiest collection of the year. I still remember just his normal silver card being a hidden gem back then. Simply put, this version of him is the good version of Steph Curry (no, I didn’t make a mistake in that sentence). For me, he always has a tendency of getting fouled and getting to the free throw line; which is weird when considering that his driving game isn’t all that great. The best way to be effective with this card is practicing his dribble moves for half court scenarios, and giving him the ultimate green light to shoot in transition. When you catch a defensive rebound and push the ball, he’s almost always the first one down the court ready to catch and shoot a pull-up or corner three. If you choose to push the ball with him then your main goal should be to get to the open mid-range area before the defense can set itself. The reason I say this is because just making him a threat from those areas will force the defense to pay attention to him and you may get an open shot for someone else. As for his shot-making ability, as his strengths say, you should be firing away with him as soon as decent shots present themselves. The gold mid-range and deep-range deadeye badges that he comes with will make sure you hit the shots that you should hit.

Avoid: Now although this card is a pretty potent shooter, his finishing is where he lacks on the offensive end. His driving layup isn’t all that high so recklessly rushing to the basket won’t always get you the result you’re looking for. However, if you do get his dribble animations down then you’ll easily create more lanes for yourself and better driving opportunities. He does have one of the highest free throw ratings of all the sapphire cards in the game so that helps to combat his mediocre finishing. Also, as the stats will show, he’s nothing special defensively. He may get a poke-out steal here and there but don’t expect him to be locking up.


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