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NBA 2K17 Top 5 Teams Missing

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In NBA 2K17 new legends were added, as well as several new teams, many of which were requested by the fans. So far each year 2K has continued to add legendary players and teams to the game. So here is our list of the Top 5 teams still missing that should be in 2K next year.

5. 2009 – 2010 Utah Jazz 

Ahh man…. back when D-Will had waves so nice it looked like he brushed them joints during timeouts. He was actually picked ahead of Chris Paul in the 05’ draft, because of his bigger frame and reputation as a defender at Illinois, and for a while, you weren’t considered crazy for mentioning them in the same discussion, because these 2 battled it out for the title of the best PG in the league for a while (with Paul usually winning), but D-Will wasn’t no slouch in his prime and neither was this Jazz team. A Young Paul Millsap, Carlos Boozer who formed a nasty pick and roll with Williams… AK-47 blocking any and every bodies shot, Wesley Matthews and 3 point aficionado Kyle Korver on the wings. I mean really, in 2K who are you going to guard on this team. Sadly though, this team capped off the 3rd straight season the Lakers eliminated them from the playoffs, poor Jazz they always seem to have some pretty good shooting guard standing in the way of their franchise.

4. 2006-2007 Washington Wizards

This team didn’t have much actual success, as this group was often a stepping stone for Lebron James in the playoffs, but the reason they need to be in the game is who was on their roster, aka their mini Big 3 of Caron Butler, Antwan Jamison and Agent Zero Gilbert Arenas, who all averaged above or near 20 points each for a few seasons with the Wizards. In terms of superstars, Arenas flamed out pretty fast, due to injuries and other things…… Which is why he needs to be immortalized in 2k. How fun would it be to hit one of these shots on your boys, the limitless range badge awaits you Agent Zero.

3. 2006 – 2007 San Antonio Spurs

Do you guys remember when the Spurs were considered boring? It only became cool to like the Spurs when we all wanted them to beat The Heat…don’t lie. In fact the Spurs were considered so uninteresting back then, the year they beat the Cavs In LeBron James’ first Finals appearance …..set a record for the lowest watched finals in history, and In 2k, the Spurs have never really gotten much love either over the year. The only historic team they even have in the game is the Timmy/Admiral Spurs and I feel like they’re there just cause. I wouldn’t have minded maybe an Iceman team myself, but speaking for most of the viewer’s generation, why not this championship team? I mean we already have the Cleveland LeBron’s of that year, so why not the team that beat them? It would definitively be fun to use a young Tony Parker again, Matt “The Red Mamba” Bonner, Michael Finley, Big Shot Rob whose biggest contribution that year might have been a certain incident, Bruce Bowen locking down the wing, and of course…Beno Udrih.

2. 2010 – 2011 New Orleans Hornets

It’s somewhat of a sin that a Chris Paul Hornets team isn’t in 2k. Especially considering the New Orleans Hornets don’t even exist anymore. Those teams weren’t just fun to watch at the time; they were one of the underdog teams that you pulled for. We were going to put the 07-08 team that won 56 games on the list, but felt the 2010-11 squad had the right balance of actual success and 2k talent to be worth it. As fans, we’re use to old man Paul now, but CP3 was the original Point God of the league, that on this team was 2 years removed from a near MVP level season. While Derrick Rose, Westbrook and newly drafted John Wall were making a name for themselves as sudo-combo guards, for Point Guard purist, you couldn’t help but respect what Chris was and still is doing at the position. I remember their playoff series against the Lakers, in one of the games the Hornets won, CP3 was making Aaron Gray look like a legit player. Rounding it out his supporting cast also consisted of names like Jarrett Jack, Peja Stojakovic, Trevor Ariza, David West when he was still a legit 20/10 threat and Emeka Okafor before we realized he was trash, so they’ll have good 3 point shooters and a good offensive and defensive big men around Paul for you to use. 2K should do justice to Chris Paul and the Point Guard position by making this team a reality.

1. 1999-2000 New York Knicks

Even though I’m a 76ers fan, the Knicks was the first team I started watching when I was younger, because this team had quite the characters on it. Charlie Ward was a beast QB at FSU, Chris Childs punched Kobe, Jeff Van Gundy hung on to Alonzo Mourning leg for dear life that one time, Charles Oakley started a fight with Alonzo Mourning that one time, Larry Johnson dressed like a grandmother on his spare time and oh Latrell Sprewell choked his coach out. I mean what are you guys doing at 2k, we need this, I need this!!

With a new year comes new content, slowly but surely. And we can only hope that lists like this contribute to making the game even more fun. So, if you could pick any team in NBA history, who would you want to see in next year’s 2K? let us know in the comments below!

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