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NBA 2K18 Guide: What You Need To Know To Master The Court

NBA 2K18 Guide

Whether you’re new to the game, thanks to the holiday season, down on your luck or just need to brush up on your skills, Sports Gamers Online has you covered. With our NBA 2K18 guide, you’ll be sinking baskets in no time.

NBA 2K18 Guide To Mastering The Court

The Basics

The NBA 2K franchise has been around for awhile now. No doubt being new to the game can be a little overwhelming. For the new players and those who have been on hiatus, be sure to check out the top 10 beginner tips. Some of the tips like limiting bad passes, playing to your strengths and understanding attributes may seem obvious. However, fundamentals can get lost in translation during the game. Mastering the fundamentals is the key to any sport.

Understanding the Pass

After you get your feet wet, dry ’em off and wet again, you’ll want to step your game up with mastering the mechanics of the court. NBA 2K18 expands on the pass game this year. In addition to basic passes, Sport Gamers Online brings you tips on how to effectively pull off flashy and Icon passes. Check out our passing tips to expand your skills with moving the rock.

Playing the Post

No that you know how to move the ball, it’s time defend yourself. Our NBA 2K18 Post Moves Tips & Tutorial covers the basics and some advanced controls of the post. Learn everything from entering the post to facing up as well as fighting off the double team.

Can’t Move Without The Dribble

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure you brush up on the dribble. In addition to looking flashy, learn how to make room for yourself on the court with our NBA 2K18 Dribbling Tips & Tutorial video.

Taking it to the Next Level

If you’re serious about taking your game to the next level, head on over to the Sports Gamers Online webpage or YouTube Channel. Refine your skills and also take a look at some advanced controls and strategies. Before you know it, you’ll be a master on the court.

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