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NBA 2K19 MyTEAM Cards, Collections, & Packs Get A Face-lift

NBA 2K19 MyTeam

Be sure to check out the NBA 2K19 MyTEAM Rewards and details if you haven’t already. With that said, we are continuing our look into NBA 2K19‘s changes and additions to MyTEAM. Below you can check out improvements and tweak to cards, collections, and packs.

NBA 2K19 MyTEAM Cards, Collections, & Packs

20th Anniversary Collection

To celebrate the NBA 2K series turning 20 years old, Visual Concepts announced the 20th Anniversary Collection. This collection will start shortly after launch and continue throughout the season. The cards are promised to be some of the most powerful cards in the game.

The complete 20th Anniversary Collection will be comprised of 18 cards. The first run of them, known as Series I, Series II and Series III will have six cards each. When you collect each card in a series, you’ll be rewarded with a Galaxy Opal that players will not be able to obtain anywhere else. This gives you the opportunity to have three Galaxy Opal players on your roster.

Throwback Collections

nba 2k19 baron davis amethyst cardAs I mentioned in my previous post, Throwback Collections will now give you at least one Throwback player per pack. At launch, NBA 2K19 will have Grizzlies and Hornets Throwback Packs ready for your browsing pleasure. The only Throwback Players you’ll receive from these packs come from the Grizzlies and Hornets franchises. Your hopes of pulling Big Country are still alive. Launch Day is also throwing an Amethyst Baron Davis card in packs.

Card Glossary

The Card Glossary is new to NBA 2K19 and will teach you more about your cards. Do you want to know how Heat Check cards work? Unsure what coaches do? The card glossary is going to be your help desk for everything card related.


Notifications have been added to make sure you’re always aware of what is happening with MyTEAM. Whenever something happens in the MyTEAM world , a notification will come up on the MyTEAM main menu.

These notifications will alert you to such things as being outbid in the auction house, if an auction has ended and whether you won or lost or moved up a Collector Level.

Pack Market

The Pack Market has received a complete redesign which should provide a cleaner and sleeker marketplace. Similar cards and boxes are now grouped together. This should streamline all of your pack and box buying needs.

Auction House

The Auction House has also received a visual upgrade. The two major additions to the auction house are being able to see a card that is already in your collection when you’re searching cards and all critical information (such as the number of badges) shown on the screen without having to highlight each one individually.

Pack Openings and Player Reveal

NBA 2K19 pack openings are much more streamlined to give the user a quicker experience and get to the edit lineups menu.

Edit Lineups Menu

This has also been given a huge improvement in comparison to NBA 2K18‘s slog of a menu. You can now see your entire 13-man lineup instead of previous 2K games having just the starting five.

You now have the ability to set a different Head Coach card if you’re someone who cares about system proficiency and whatever bonuses can come to your team.

NBA 2K19 has done a lot to change how MyTEAM works. What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below.

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