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Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Gameplay Leaked


UPDATE: The video was removed due to EA’s request. We have replaced it with IGN’s Multiplayer breakdown.

Battlefield Hardline’s new setting changes the landscape of the Battlefield series. There are new Game Modes, Classes, and Weapons, but the base Battlefield formula is still there. There is large scale destruction, vehicle warfare, and team-based gameplay.

A video has recently surfaced on YouTube of some leaked Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Gameplay.

Check it out below!

MAP: The Block  Mode: Conquest

Battlefield Hardline is boasting the fastest Battlefield gameplay ever and personally I’m excited to see what this title has to offer with the Military First Person Shooter genre getting stale.

Cops, criminals. There are two sides of the law. But why choose? You get to ride with both.

Here is a List of known Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Maps


Money is the root of all evil. The criminals are plotting a ruthless assault on a high-security bank vault. But, they messed up and triggered a silent alarm and the police are jamming to the scene of the crime.


What looks like a liquor store and bail bonds office, is actually a front. This is home to a notorious criminal ring. The police know better than to enter The Block without backup.


The small desert town of Joad is off the beaten path and well-known for meth trafficking problems. The cops have had enough and are on the scene to shut it all down.


A mansion high in the Hollywood Hills looks ripe for a little crime. The criminals have started a wildfire in the nearby hills to distract te police. Do you think that’ll work?


The cops located an illegal underground marijuana grow operation. The cops are raiding the place, but the criminals aren’t going down without a fight. After all, this is precious cargo for them.


The industrial side of Los Angeles is home to many shady dealings. A criminal ring has set up shop in the warehouses and scrap yards, where they’re trying to make that money from illegal doings.


A drug smuggler’s haven, this high-tech and expensive island crib is being ransacked by the police. A chain of small islands is connected by bridges and waterways, providing multiple access to it.


Florida is not all sand and beaches. Deep in the heart of the Everglades, a fracking site has turned into a battle playground s the cops and criminals wage war against each other.

The exact date of the Open Beta hasn’t been announced yet but EA has released this statement: “First things first: It’s open to everyone and on all platforms – PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360®, PS4™ and PS3™. So no matter where you roll or how you roll, you have a way to get in”. Battlefield Hardline Releases March 17th.

Excited for Battlefield Hardline? Do you think it will be better than the previous games? Tell us in the comments below!

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