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BigBen at E3 2019 Featuring WRC 8, Overpass and More!


Bigben came out in full force showing several games at the E3 booth. We tried to hands on with as many as we could including Overpass, WRC 8 and more.

Hands on with BigBen @E3 2019

WRC 8 at E3

World Rally Championship 8 took an extra year off to give the developers time to make the game they wanted to play. I am happy to report the two years of development paid off. WRC 8 is built with three major points in mind: a shift in focus to simulation over repetitive racing, dynamic weather, and a completely rebuilt career mode. Of course, this is on top of several other exciting improvements.

On the track, players will feel the car as it handles against various terrains. Suffice to say, no two cars feel exactly the same. Becoming one the best requires mastery in several aspects of driving including customization. Advanced customization settings will be available to fine tune each car. However, if you just want to race, WRC 8 offers simplified settings to help adjust as needed. All will be composed in sleek UI menus that are easy to navigate.

Off the track, players will need to manage their crews, cars, and three categories of resources via the career mode. WRC 8‘s career mode features not a singe line of code from its predecessor. It is completely new and redesigned from scratch. Complete with skill trees, calendar with schedules, crew morale, and so much more, Career Mode in WRC 8 will be an entirely new experience.

No matter what mode you play, dynamic can take over at any moment. Of course, players will have the options to disable or control the behaviors. On its own, the dynamic weather with challenge the way to you drive no matter the terrain. Dirt roads can become mud under heavy rain. Asphalt becomes slick with puddles challenging the traction of your tires. Be prepared for anything. Check out our showcase featuring WRC 8.

Overpass at E3

Bigben brought something different in Overpass. Not following the formula of WRC 8, Overpass places its focus on unique off-road experiences. The trick in Overpass will be looking for the best route to complete your path as the game focuses on technique and time. Players will experience realistic physics, vehicle damage, and a plethora of licensed vehicles.

All this, including a career mode, takes place across 40 meticulously hand crafted tracks in six different regions. Be prepared to take on the terrain and nature’s worse on Xbox, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam starting in October.

FIA European Truck Racing Championship @ E3

Bigben also brought its official truck racing game to E3. FIA ETRC will run on the KT Engine, a specialized game engine used by other racing sims like WRC. The game will bring an all new experience as it recreates the realistic differences between racing cars and trucks. In-game races will see a 12-truck circuit. On the track, players will need to pay close attention to water management for the braking system and passing techniques.

Experience authentic truck racing in all 8 official European events featuring all 20 drivers and tracks. The game will also feature a world series event, adding a total of 16 tracks, an additional 8 from around the world and another 20+ drivers. FIA ETRC plans to push players to face the same obstacles as real life racers online, offline and via local co-op. You can pick up FIA ETRC this July on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

TT Isle of Man 2 @ E3

TT Isle of ManDuring our circuit of the Bigben booth, we got a look at TT Isle of Man 2. In TT Isle of Man 2, players will face the world’s most dangerous track. Like most of the racing games from Bigben, players can expect the very best in authenticity. This means regulating damage to breaks over time, balancing your bike to fit you style of drive and much more. TT will feature historic bikes that handle differently along with specific events to compete with them in. The focus is on simulation this time around. Bike customization, fuel economy, bike parts, and preparing for the weather are just a few factors that contribute to success.

TT Isle of Man recreates the epic race route down to the scenery, weather, and even light posts. In addition to a career mode complete with a seasonal calendar, players can also test drive their bikes in a custom built region that features optional objectives and crafted routes to help you train your best. You can expect to take on TT Isle of Man 2 in 2020.

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