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Destiny Tips : How to obtain Blade of Crota

blade of crota event

Destiny Tips

Go to either earth patrol or moon patrol. It looks like there’s one of these hive events in nearly every “zone” but for sure it happens in The Steppes, Mothyards, The Divide, Rocket Yard, and Skywatch on earth, and Anchor of Light and Hellmouth on the moon – it will say something about “The Minions of Crota have started a Ritual” in the lower-left above your super bar, meaning it will start in about a minute. Then it will say “The Blades of Crota have invaded this world” – there will be a yellow-bar knight with the sword.  Kill him and you can pick up the sword, and it lasts for about a minute and respawns every 10 to 15 minutes.

destiny tips

In The Steppes, it’s in the underground room near where the 3 yellow-health Hive hang out. In Mothyards, it will start from a cave near the patrol beacon closest to The Steppes. In Skywatch, it’s inside the landed Hive ship off to the left if you’re looking into the old loot cave. In The Divide, it’s in the back where there’s usually 3 Shanks and a stealth vandal.

See the video below for detailed destiny tips about this event:


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