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Wolverine Studios Launches Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2017

Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2017

Wolverine Studios has released their new title, Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2017.

In the game, you take the role of the head coach of a college basketball team. But you’re not “simply” trying to improve your players’ game to win as more games and tournaments as possible, you are also in charge of hiring staff, recruiting players, and research better opportunities for your squad.

Your career can have a turn when you’ll be hired by a bigger team or if you decide to get hired as assistant coach. There aren’t many college basketball simulation games out there, therefore downloading the demo of Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2017 can be a good idea.

The 2017 edition is not the first iteration of the title, and this year’s update comes with a good share of novelties, such as a new user interface, an upgraded AI for recruiting, and new sliders to fine tune your game’s behavior, among the others.

Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2017 is available at the official Wolverine Studios online store for $34.99. International prices may vary. Before any purchase, you can download a demo of this and other titles from the WS download page.

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