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EA Sports Wanting NCAA Football Back Is Great News

NCAA Football EA Sports

We may be getting closer to the return of an actual NCAA Football video game.

No. Seriously. It may actually happen.

With the news that the NCAA is going to finally give a long, hard look at players being compensated for their likenesses while in school, it isn’t surprising to find out that video game companies are keeping a close eye on the situation. One of which is the former king of college games, EA Sports.

According to former NCAA Football Producer Ben Haumiller (h/t 247Sports), the team at EA would “be very interested” in getting back into the college football business.

He added that he and his team “loved” making the NCAA Football franchise.

While many may scoff at the idea of EA Sports taking advantage of the possible return of an NCAA Football game, remember just how great the series was when we last saw it in 2013.

There were many, including myself, that felt the game was better than the Madden franchise solely due to the features both on and off the field. From creating schools online and importing them into the game to the depth of trying to recruit the best players to your school, there really was nothing like it in terms of off-field action in a sports game.

But the quality of past games isn’t the only reason to be excited about the possibility of EA Sports bring back the franchise. The fact that someone from the company has already gone on record saying the interest is there before the NCAA has even started their look into athlete licensing shows that the company has kept the thought of the series’ return on their mind through all these years.

That can only suggest — and this is strictly a theory, not fact — that EA Sports has a plan in place if and when they are able to make a new college football game for the masses. Whether it be to build it off the Madden foundation and just insert the NCAA, or a more ground up build, the company is going to be ready.

Lastly, think of the players involved. Not to get too into the nitty-gritty, but for years the NCAA and its schools have profited billions — with a capital B — off of its players. From jersey sales to video games to ticket sales at games. It’s about time that players making the schools that money get a piece of the pie, even if is in the form of a video game licensing cut. And when it comes to licensing, there’s no company that can pay players more for usage than Electronic Arts.

We’re still likely a good three-to-five years, at least, away from a new game possibly being announced, but actual hope is finally here and fans should start getting excited about their favorite football game returning.

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