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Betting on eSports Continues to Grow

The rise of eSports did not happen in a day. Like most trends, it happened over time. For eSports, it particular took off with the invention of the first multiplayer computer games to LAN parties. Now arenas sell out with eSports fans watching all kinds of competitions by professional players. Nevertheless, eSports has become one of the highest growing sports in the world.

In addition, this created a growing industry in betting on eSports. In 2019, the industry was valued at 1 billion dollars. Many expect this number to triple by 2025. Should eSports trends continue, this will trickle down to the betting scene as well.

Sports Fit for Betting

Betting on sports has increased in popularity in the USA. This is likely due to the lift on the 2018 Supreme Court ban. Sine then, multiple states have legalized betting on sports for funding public goods. Multiple sports bettors now welcome new players. Many can find both promo bonuses and free deposit bonuses.

One of the most popular sportsbooks offering bonuses comes from DraftKings:

It’s safe to assume betting depends on the popularity of the respective sport. However, some sports may lend better for betting on. Take tennis, badminton, table tennis, or similar sports for example. These especially fit live betting due to the consistent back-and-forth nature of the sport. You can bet for who will win the set, be the first to a specific number of points, or how many points will there totally be in one set. Furthermore, the algorithms and AI give bookmakers the opportunity to constantly update the odds. You can read more about tennis betting here:

Made for Betting

Esports posses similar trait. At one time, eSports generate a lot of data quickly. Since the game exists in a world of data, the struggle of transforming the game into betting data is shortened. The data is produced in real-time and can quickly be transformed into multiple advanced live odds.

Take Counter-Strike and all the factors defining the chance of the terrorists or anti-terrorists winning. Rapidly the odds can be updated, as players are shot, and the chance of winning is compared to the difficulty of the map and the strength of the weapons. Everything able to be quantified and counted factor into the algorithm for calculating odds. The same can be said with stat and perk driven gameplay of video games like Madden.

With eSports betting, it’s easier for bookmakers to provide odds on all imaginable variables. This gives eSports betting an edge in potential growth.

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