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Roster Sharing Coming to NHL 22 December 9

Christmas has come early as Electronic Arts announced the arrival of a highly requested feature amongst NHL fans. Roster sharing is coming to NHL 22 on December 9. The announcement was made by Clappy, the NHL community manager.

Roster Sharing Coming December 9

Leading up to its October 15 release, EA stated that roster sharing was coming to NHL 22. However, there was no concrete release. Roster creation was available at launch. Now, roster sharing will make its much-anticipated debut.

In case you are unfamiliar with what roster sharing is, it allows for unmitigated amounts of creativity. Roster sharing is a game-changing feature set to benefit the game’s online player base. Players will be able to create rosters filled with their favorite players, with the ability to edit their overall ratings and X-Factors, and then upload them to be shared amongst the community.

The feature is a staple among a multitude of sports games. WWE 2K, NBA 2K, Madden, and more have roster sharing as a playable feature. However, this is the first time that it has come to the EA NHL franchise. This could have been a strategy on EA’s part.

With the World Junior Championship set to kick off on Boxing Day, this new roster sharing feature will allow players to play as the different teams taking part in the tournament as it is happening.

NHL 22’s launch was somewhat disappointing. Though the game is fun and has a lot to offer, it can become a bit redundant. Nevertheless, the introduction of roster sharing will certainly bolster the NHL 22 player base.

Let us know how you are feeling down below. Are you excited about the inclusion of Roster Sharing for NHL 22? If you do not have the game, check out the review for NHL 22 here.

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