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FIFA Mobile: What to Expect

FIFA Mobile Out Now

EA Sports has revealed their plans for the 2017 edition of FIFA Mobile through an update on the EA Sports FIFA website and a Twitter Q&A.

Attack Mode

Attack Mode lets players take on their friends locally in turn-based matches where they only control their team during attacking chances. AI controls team defense, so after an opponent takes control of the ball, they get to take over the device.


Seasons can be played out against any of the 30 leagues in the game, but no other information about this game mode is available right now.

Live Events

Live Events provide daily content based on stories and matches happening in the real world of football. Mini-games reward players with tokens that can be redeemed for unlockable footballers and card packs.


New to FIFA Mobile, players can compete with their friends or strangers in online Leagues. Taking part in Inter-League Championships, playing against other Leagues around the world, and completing cooperative league achievements are all possibilities. A leaderboard keeps track of which clubs and Leagues are dominating.

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Energy System

Taking part in matches consumes energy, an essential resource in FIFA Mobile, but only Live Events eat up a substantial amount of energy—because of the rewards they grant. EA Sports claims that those who play mainly Leagues, Seasons, and Attack Mode won’t run out of energy very often.

Ultimate Team

The Ultimate Team Mode mechanic from the console and PC version of FIFA is an integral element of the new FIFA Mobile. New features will allow players to build bigger and deeper clubs and provide simpler ways to boost footballers and manage who is on the pitch. More features will be added to improve this mechanic as the season progresses.


Plans are a mechanic that allows players to take items they don’t want and craft them into footballers and card packs. Expect more information on Plans in the future.

Unrivaled Authenticity

The new FIFA Mobile boasts 30 leagues, 650 teams, and 17,000 players. EA Sports promises the most authentic mobile football experience available.

EA Sports will be dropping new information over the coming weeks, including a release date.

FIFA Mobile will be free-to-play for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

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