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ESports Boxing Club Reveals New Screenshots, Roster Info

February has been a busy month for eSports Boxing Club. Just last week, Steel City Interactive released a Development Update, revealing its progress and some future announcements. It followed up with six days of boxing legend reveals, including Sugar Ray Robinson, Jack Dempsey, and Jack Johnson. It’s not clear how many more boxers will join the game’s final roster. However, a recent interview with Brian Mazique over at Forbes has shed some light on the final number, as well as some all-new in-game eSports Boxing Club screenshots.

A close-up of Lyndon Arthur, via Steel City Interactive for Forbes

Mazique spoke with head of Steel City Interactive Ash Habib, who shared some new screenshots from eSports Boxing Club. Included are some stellar images of light-heavyweight multi-champion Lyndon Arthur.

Lyndon Arthur enters the arena, via Steel City Interactive for Forbes

The interview also features boxing legend Joe Frazier. A screenshot of Frazier (the featured image above) also reveals a new feature coming to eSports Boxing Club. Players will be able to use a black and white filter when playing as the Legend boxers revealed earlier this week. Besides that, it’s nice to just appreciate the detail here. Frazier, flanked by boxer-turned-trainer Henry Wharton, looks incredible in this screenshot. It’s good to see that Steel City Interactive is showing the legends the respect they deserve.

Boxing legend Joe Frazier, flanked by Henry Wharton via Steel City Interactive for Forbes

eSports Boxing Club’s Roster Potential

One detail that Mazique reveals in his article hints at eSports Boxing Club’s potential roster size. According to Habib, Steel City Interactive initially planned on having 25 boxers available for its Early Access release on Steam. However, Habib says this number may be even larger once the game is ready to go live on Steam. Habib told Forbes that the full roster of eSports Boxing Club has already passed 100 fighter, not including future DLC fighters. Paired with its create-a-boxer system, eSports Boxing Club has the potential to be a deep, robust fighting game.

It would be hard to cut a full roster of 100 fighters down to our Top 10 featured. Luckily, we’ve gone ahead and done it early. Check out our list of eSports Boxing Club’s Top 10 Featured Boxers. If you’re still hungry for more boxing game info, be sure to follow us on Twitter and on Facebook to keep up with news as it drops.

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