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RetroMania Wrestling Announces First Three DLC Wrestlers

We’re less than 24 hours away from the launch of Retrosoft Studio’s RetroMania WrestlingThe developers are not letting up on announcements, however. Today, Retrosoft announced the first three characters coming to RetroMania Wrestling as post-release DLC. Cowboy James Storm, Mr. Hughes, and IMPACT Wrestling’s, Dashing Chris Bey, will all enter the ring as post-release DLC.

RetroMania Wrestling, the sequel to cult classic arcade wrestling game WrestleFest, launches tomorrow, February 26, with a 16 wrestler roster with Chris Bey previously already announced as post-release DLC. The RetroMania Wrestling official website promises Bey will be free DLC. Retrosoft Studios has not confirmed whether James Storm or Mr. Hughes will also be free. Currently, these 19 wresters represent the entire roster. RetroMania Wrestling will not launch with a create-a-wrestler tool, though Retrosoft says they are looking into the possibility.

RetroMania’s Delayed Release On Consoles

RetroMania Wrestling goes live on Steam tomorrow. However, the console versions of the game will experience some delay. Retrostudio announced on Sunday the game has not yet passed the certification process on consoles.

In the announcement thread, Retrosoft Studios tweeted the game needs a few more passes to make sure the game is bug-free enough to release on console. According to Mike Hermann, who made the announcement, one issue had already come up during the certification process, which has been addressed. Indie games will small development teams run into this issue, and it’s not uncommon. What’s important is the way that team handles the delay, and it seems Retrosoft is putting in the work in that department. You could previously pre-order RetroMania Wrestling for a special price ($24.99) until tomorrow. However, the pre-order price will now extend past the Steam launch window to compensate. In a later Tweet, the developers clarified that, once the game passed each console’s certification process, the game would launch immediately.

If you’re interested in RetroMania Wrestling, but you want to get a sneak peek first, good news. We’ll be streaming the game tonight around 8:30 PM, on our Twitch channel. If you like what you see, you can still buy RetroMania Wrestling for its pre-release price of $24.99 on Steam.

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