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Football Manager 2018’s New Features Include Team Dynamics

Football Manager 2018

Game developer Sports Interactive announced new features fans can expect to see in Football Manager 2018 when the game is officially released on November 10, 2017.

One of the new features being introduced in this year’s game is the addition of team dynamics.

Team dynamics is a feature that functions similar to “player chemistry” features on other sports titles. Team dynamics will influence the level of support players give you as manager, and has an impact on the pitch as well. Groups of players will work better, or worse, with one another depending on team dynamics. Dynamics will affect player ratings, attributes, and even players’ moods.

Other than announcing Football Manager 2018’s release date, Sports Interactive hasn’t given us much in the way of new details or improvements, until now. Along with team dynamics, we also discovered that fans can expect to see other new features and overall improvements added to the game.

Features such as an improved scouting system, and an overhauled match engine are also reportedly coming to Football Manager 2018. Sports Interactive says they will release more details regarding those new game features and improvements in the weeks leading up to launch.

Football Manager 2018 will be available for the PC, Mac, and Linux systems. The game also has a mobile app and tablet component that will both launch on the same day as the game itself.

Be sure to check back with SGO regularly for all the latest news and updates surrounding Football Manager 2018.

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