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Football Manager 2021 Makes Return to Xbox

Football Manager fans got some good news Thursday finding out their game is coming out in exactly two months. The announcement came Thursday that Football Manager 2021 will be released on November 24 on the Epic Games Store and Steam. They will also be releasing it on the Xbox for the first time since 2007.

A new trailer of the game was also released Thursday for fans to get a quick glimpse of the upcoming game.

What to Expect From Football Manager 2021

Only limited information has been released, but we know the game will include new tools for the managers in the game. These tools include allowing managers to develop their personalities and prowess. New game upgrades and additions should make the manager experience more authentic. The authenticity will add layers to the story and present drama in the game. Features and licensing updates to the game will be announced in October through the Football Manager team’s social media outlets.

The return to Xbox for the game has it specifically tailored for the console environment. It is modeled on the popular Football Manager Touch series for mobile devices. The game has been fully customized for optimal performance with the Xbox controller. Football Manager 21 will be available from the Xbox Store and is a Play Anywhere digital title. It allows players to play their save games across their Xbox console and any Windows 10 PC. The game will be available on Xbox One as well as the next-gen Xbox consoles.

Fans are now able to pre-order the game prior to the release date in November. A 10% discount is given to those gamers who pre-order on the game’s website. They can also get a chance to kick-off their managerial career ahead of schedule with Early Access to Football Manager 2021. If gamers want to pre-order the game, they can go to their website and pre-order here.


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