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Axis Football Believes It Can Challenge Madden

It seems like every year, football fans are hoping for a game that can and challenge Madden for the crown. While that hasn’t happened in over 15 years, Axis Games believes that it can be that game with its Axis Football series.

In an interview on The League Crawler Podcast, Axis Games founder Danny Jugan talked about the series’ future. During that discussion, Jugan talked about Axis Football challenge the Madden series in one specific area: Franchise Mode.

“We feel like our franchise mode is in a good place,” Jugan said. “[And] we haven’t stopped working on it, certainly.

Going deeper on the mode, Jugan talked about feeling that a “rising tide lifts all boats” when games like Madden focus on Franchise. It just leads to the motivation to achieve more and build the best mode possible for players in Axis Football.

“We feel we can compete with them in that area,” he said while admitting that graphics and animation are areas where he doesn’t see his team competing in. “We would be fine kind of going toe to toe with them in Franchise Mode because of what we’re allowed to do in terms of not being attached to the NFL license.

“We’ve got some cool ideas that are part of our, kind of, three year plan for what we want to add to our franchise mode.”

Axis Football is not attacking Madden

Jugan was clear that his team at Axis Football has respect for the team at EA Sports. He understands the difficulty of making football games, and knows that it’s even more difficult on the scale of a Madden. But that doesn’t stop him from being confident where the future is going with his franchise.

 “We are confident in our game’s franchise mode, and we would not be worried if another game came out that was pushing the same features that our game is known for,” he said.

Axis Football 2021 is expected to launch later this year. Details on platform availability, pricing, features, and more will be announced over the summer.

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