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EA & Generation Esports Team Up for Madden 21 Tournament

We’re about a week out from the Madden Championship Series finals.  Jwall’s 14-6 Lions win over Pavan’s Raiders squad puts a cap on another season of competitive Madden 21. EA is looking for some competitions to fill the gaps, however. EA announced last week that it will be partnering with esports organization Generation Esports, as well as ex-Indianapolis Colts DE Dwight Freeney, to host the 3rd N’ Long Madden 21 Tournament.

3rd N’ Long: A Dwight Freeney Challenge

Generation Esports Madden 21
Truly, a mouthful.

The EA Madden Tournament 3rd N’ Long: A Dwight Freeney Challenge (it’s full Christian name, which I think makes it important) is a two-week long event. Registration for the event is open now to Madden 21 players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on Generation Esports’ website. Starting on March 1, players will compete online, on their choice of Xbox One and PlayStation 4, paired up against random opponents. Matches will be played hourly between 7:30 and 11:30 PM EST on weekdays, and 5:30 and 9:30 PM EST on weekends. These matches will continue until March 13, when the top ranked players on each console will enter the playoffs.

In the playoffs, players will compete against other players who qualified. However, they will also be competing against NFL players, who are automatically seeded into the bracket. If competitors manage to defeat the NFL players, they’ll earn some cool bonus swag: a signed NFL jersey.

In fact, the 3rd N’ Long tournament exclusively pays out in swag. The top 4 players for each console will be awarded the tournament’s Grand Prize. A custom, unreleased pair of Jordans, designed by Dwight Freeney. On top of that, two pairs will also be raffled off to two random competitors, regardless of placement.

More “Tar Heel” than “Colts.” Maybe it’s an homage.

The event will give out more gear as prizes, including the aforementioned signed jerseys, but the website mentions nothing about money. Compared to the Madden Championship Series’ $750k prize pool, Freeney’s 3rd N’ Long tournament will feel like a much more casual event.

Cool Shoes, Now How Do I Enter?

Tournament matches begin on March 1. However, registration for the 3rd N’ Long tournament lasts until March 7. There’s some leeway if your FOMO gets the best of you. You can register for the event online at Curiously, the press release for the tournament says entry starts at $20. However, the website’s FAQ contradicts this by saying that the tournament is free to enter. Your mileage may vary.

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