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Maximum Football Officially Sold

UPDATE: It’s official. Maximum Football has been acquired, and will officially be under the Modus Games banner. Modus is one of the development arms Maximum Games has used.

ORIGINAL: The Maximum Football franchise is going to live on, albeit with another developer.

Sports Gamers Online has learned that Maximum Games, the former physical publisher of the series, plans on announcing the acquisition of Maximum Football as soon as Wednesday, September 1st.

The source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity due to the information not being public yet, said that teams within Maximum Games will take over all development and marketing of the new game, likely under Modus Games.

As far as Doug Flutie is concerned, it doesn’t appear that he will be a part of the franchise in any way moving forward.

When looking at the future of the series, the source couldn’t confirm anything regarding a timeline for the next installment. However, one thing was confirmed as far as a specific plan for the game.

“Adding online multiplayer is a priority,” the source says.

Doing Some Digging

To get more information on a possible acquisition, one needs to look no further at Discord. The Maximum Football Discord remains strong with thousands of members.


Recently, users started appearing under a new “Maximum Football” Team. When looking at one of the members, it was quickly noticed that a user by the name “Hoagie” belonged to not only the Maximum Football Discord, but the Modus Games Discord as well.

Modus, for those unaware, is the developer extension of Maximum Games. Hoagie is currently listed as the Community Manager on Modus Games.

While that doesn’t 100% confirm the acquisition reports we were told, it does lend credence with little being covered in the way of tracks.

How Did Maximum Football Get Here?

Back in April it was announced that Canuck Play, the founder of the Maximum Football franchise was set to cease operations. With that news, it was expected that the independent football series would also come to an end.

“At this time…development of the title has been suspended and the compa ny itself has been put on hiatus,” founder David Winter said in a statement at the time.

He added that the decision to end the game had to due with larger studios — namely EA Sports — “invading” the game’s space. The series had created a new college football dynasty mode in recent years that had been well received for what it achieved off the field.

Though he did say that the game’s IP, including all source code, was for sale, things had been silent. Aside from a passing mention of it on Twitter, there was no other details of a possible sale.

Now with the sale set to be announced soon, there’s hope that the football gaming marketplace continues to grow, and fans get alternatives to enjoy.

What are your thoughts on the acquisition of Maximum Football? Let us know in the comment section below, and stick with Sports Gamers Online for more.

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