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Maximum Football Cancelled

Maximum Football Cancelled, Studio Shuts Down

Some major late breaking news from the sports gaming world as Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football from Canuck Play has been Cancelled. The announcement came from Canuck Play founder David Winter on Wednesday evening from the game’s official Discord.

“At this time…development of the title has been suspended and the company itself has been put on hiatus,” Winter said in the statement.

He added in the announcement that there were many reasons for the decision to end development, including his health after working “7 days a week for months on end”.

“The ability for a small team to keep up development, of such a large and complex title, combined with the never-ending changes in technology in the game industry, just make continuing untenable,” he said. “Add to that the other larger studios invading our space, and it made little sense to continue.”

Effective immediately, the studio behind the game — Canuck Play — has ceased all operations. On top of that, the entirety of the game’s IP, including source code, is now for sale.

Winter ended his announcement by expressing gratitude for the support the game has had over the years, saying he is extremely proud of what was accomplished with the game. He also made note that he was leaving the gaming industry to change careers moving forward.

SGO has reached out to Winter for more comment on Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football being Cancelled.

Maximum Football Made a Mark

Despite its cancellation, there’s no denying that Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football made a mark with football fans.

Winter and Canuck Play were a team not afraid to listen to the community. The fans wanted a college football game, they delivered a dynasty mode that proved to be a great foundation for future games.

The series even got to the point where active discussions were happening with the last iteration of the XFL before the league went defunct due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The problem for fans was that it felt like a game from the early to mid-2000s. For many in the community, it left just a bit too much to be desired to have true replay value.

That said, it’s a shame whenever a small studio has to shut down. Hopefully more teams take risks like Canuck Play to provide fans with games that they are asking for.

This is a developing story….

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Peter Pan
Peter Pan
1 year ago

Maximum Football was a fantasy world of football. Moreover, it was a game based on realistic rules and game play, which from its initial inception was not intended to be an mirror image of NCAA football. In addition, the generous customization was both endless, and refreshing. Furthermore, although this game may have driven left-handed learners with a cosmos of nightmarish dread (because it deviated from the exact realism of actual players. Honestly, I stay awake at night pondering who wouldn’t want to add a little supercharged attributes to their struggling star player or some pink/purple to their mundane team color? Right-handed learners would have maximally seized the opportunity of this vast and seemingly never-ending creation/fantasy football game.

Peter Pan
Peter Pan
1 year ago
Reply to  Peter Pan


1 year ago

Comment SPAM Protection: Shield Security marked this comment as “SPAM”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox)

Thank you, Michael Straw for coverage of all things that are gaming related and your support of Doug Flutis’s
Maximum Football 2019 and 2020. As you know about Mr Winter’s past. Quickly in 1998 he helped create the PC
game “CFL ’99” (not bad, it reminded me of Tempo S.B. a bit). When the “CFL ’99” PC game came out in 1999.
This the only video game ever licensed by the CFL League and CFL Players Association and is still
the only video game to this day that has ever been licensed by the CFL and it’s Players.

Of course the licensing ended years ago. I have supported “Maximum Football” through the years, I have every
copy of games of Mr Winters developed games “CFL ’99 you can download for free it just search for it on the
internet. As for Maximum Foot 2007, you can download it for free just check the web.. I paid for “Maximum
Football 2017” through Steam It was raw and rough with graphics and physics. The making up teams and setting up leagues or Dynasty’s was fun. The game did get 2 updates, Still not enough to make it better, but a good start for one Or two people working on the game day and night. I saw the or for further improvements. and it Showed in “Maximum Football 2017 and 2018 it just kept slowly moving forward.

With Doug Flutie getting involved plus Unity and others, also XBox One and XBox X series, Play Station 4 and
5 and downloads from Value / Steam, I own what games all and support Zanuck Play. I’m proud of the what the
Independent gaming community does in the games they have produced. In fact independent games are needed for
creativity innovation in the gaming development and gaming community. I know that “DFMM 2020 has to get up
graded and Canuck Play was making head way in going in the right direction. It was improving every game
release. I hope someone picks up the reigns Of Canuck Play and runs with it. Without the hard work of
Mr David Winter there would not have been a Maximum Football game to play!

Finally, I thank Mr Dave Winter for all his hard work and those who helped or were involved in making these
game’s available to the public! It would be awesome to see someone come in, that has the financing, business savvy and cares about video game football. For them to buy Canuck Play and keep it going as it was getting so close to where it’s fans wanted their own game to customized the way they want smart play and a plan that works! The Dream Maximum football is not dead, just waiting for relief.

Just maybe or hoping Dwayne “The Rock Johnson, Danny Garcia and Red Bird Capital, this way they could create
their own football games for the CFL, the XFL and improve the open sand box of the creating aspect of doing
your own stuff in the game! this way they could even create a game for the TV series “Young Rock”, also this
would open gaming on all plat-forms! Maybe Doug Flutie, that would be awesome or maybe a rich Canadian who
loves football and has money to invest to kick start the game “Maximum Football 2021” and beyond, have hope!
I’m a fan and passionate about football from my grand kids playing flag football to the watching any league
playing North America style football!

The Warmest regards;


a.k.a. Whytcross