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Johnny Manziel Breaks Madden 15


SB nation breaks Madden again in hilarious fashion as they face off our favorite party throwin’, coke snorting QB, Johnny Manziel versus an army of 5’6 160lb 0/99 Overall Panther defenders.

“My original idea was to keep Johnny scrambling in the pocket for as long as it took for the game clock to hit zero. And with a little practice, I could do this reliably. Trust me, it’s not really worth your time to watch that in its entirety. But as we’ve seen previously in Breaking Madden, if a play lasts long enough, the game’s AI totally runs out of stuff to do.

After a few minutes, Johnny’s offensive line stopped blocking for him. In fact, they stopped playing football entirely. Look at ’em! Even as Johnny scrambles for dear life right in front of them, they go into “video game bad guy guard” mode. For them, the play is over, and I get it. Props to the artificial intelligence for even finding two minutes’ worth of stuff to do, because that’s about minute and 50 seconds of content that virtually nobody would ever see.”

SB Nation

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