Anyone can make crazy trades, use vc, and other crazy methods to build a dominate team. But eventually that will get boring, so here are some tips to keep NBA 2K15 My GM fun, entertaining, and realistic all while destroying any competition that you face.

#1 – Cap Room
  • It’s extremely important that you choose a team with lots of cap room. Some of these teams include the Lakers, Knicks, and Heat.
  • Here’s A video on Choosing My GM team:
#2 – Download A Draft Class
  • Doing this will help you have some fun with the game. Think about it how fun would it be to draft your favorite college star
#3 – Keep It Realistic
  • Even Though it’s super tempting doesn’t make this mistake. It maybe seem great to trade someone like Mario Chalmers and two 1st round picks for Kevin Durant ,but after a few games of dominating your competition you will get bored and probably stop playing.
#4 – Acquire Draft Picks
  • Now you should get these draft picks at the beginning of the season because that is when they have the least value. Target teams like the Milwaukee Bucks, Utah Jazz, and the Detroit Pistons.
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