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Madden 15 Defensive Tips: Double Edge Pressure

A simple yet effective blitz scheme starts with the idea of setting up your opponent. Meaning, make him or her unsure of what you’re going to do.
Double edge heat, is a blitz that sends six, and even when a RB blocks, one Blitzer will still come in free. This is in Madden every year, and happens in real life. So having this is okay by me. However, again like in real life it might work once but it won’t work every time. Madden has finally made that adjustment to the game.
To do this, you might want to give yourself some rules.
Rule 1 – Have a Strategy – Understand what you’re trying to accomplish with this scheme. How can I set up the “nanos” or “glitch” blitzes (discussed above)? Don’t just run the plays to run them, have a strategy.
Rule 2 – Don’t be Predictable – Don’t blitz every third and fourth down. Mix your blitzes in that work. The idea is to get pressure and force mistakes. Getting a sack is a bonus!
Rule 3 – Be Patient – Don’t try to sack the QB every play. Is it possible? Yes of course, again it’s Madden. However, that is what a lot of Madden players are having trouble with.
Here is a quick Madden 15 Defensive Tips video, of how to get great dual edge pressure!

– Madden Coach

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